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Lawn and Garden

Early Spring Flowers in Wyoming

by Andrew Jozwik
Johnny Appleseed Greenhouses

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03/01/2013 - March is a very busy time for us out at the greenhouses. While outside it is still too cold to plant things, we are busy getting ready for May when the outdoor season begins.

In addition, Easter is just around the corner and we are putting the finishing touches on the lilies. Something that many people do not know is that when an Easter lily blooms it is good to remove the pollen right away. This will keep the inner portion of the pristine white lily from getting stained by the cheddar orange pollen. No one likes a dirty mouthed lily.

In addition to keeping the lily from looking bad, removing the pollen can also reduce the suffering of people who have allergies. Although it seems to be a shame to waste all those pollen sacs. I have often thought about bottling them up and selling them as a Polish Herbal supplement.

But lilies are not the only thing we are growing right now. Pansies and violas will be ready very soon and they are great for planting in early season planters because they thrive in cool weather. They are a great way to put some color in your yard during the month of April. Even though they are very cold hardy it is a good idea to bring them in if it is going to get much below twenty five degrees at night. Also if it is forecast to snow it is a good idea to protect them, not because it will freeze them, but because it will flatten them.

The range of colors available for pansies and violas is amazing; there is one in every color imaginable. In addition they will bloom all the way to the hottest part of the summer, and then in the fall they will bloom again.

Primrose is another beautiful early spring flower that will be available soon. They are hardy perennials that have nearly perfectly colored blooms. They are small but when planted in mass, they can create a stunning display.

With how the weather has been this year it is also a good time to get out and begin turning the soil in your beds. Getting an early start on this can help compost last year's foliage into the soil. With how warm this winter was it is probably more likely than not that your ground is already thawed. One unfortunate side effect of such a warm winter is that it seems to be setting us up for a very dry summer. Tilling organic matter into your soil is more important than ever in a drought year.

Maybe it will turn out that April showers will be heavier than usual this year. I hope they come so we can enjoy a beautiful green Wyoming spring. Have a Happy Easter.

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