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Establishing Traditions and Planning Legacies: Joe and Marie Scott

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12/01/2012 - By Gayle M. Irwin

They met in Boston, a man from the west and a woman from the East. Joe Scott grew up in Alaska and Wyoming; the woman who became his wife, Marie, lived on the East Coast. Although she had been camping many times and has family in Buffalo, Wyo., Marie had never held a gun before. Since marrying avid hunter Joe more than five years ago, Marie has shot three bull elk, adding to her family's food supply just like her husband!

"We eat a lot of meat," Joe says.

An environmental consultant with Tetra Tech, Joe also enjoys fishing and serves as a guide for Crazy Rainbow. Marie, who has a liberal arts degree, enjoys theatre, music, writing and visual arts…Joe, not quite as much. However, their Christian faith and enjoyment of the outdoors, among other things, binds them together.

"We love each other very much," Marie states.

Her camping experiences in the mountains of New England cemented her love for the outdoors. Marie has been involved with Adventures in Christian Kamping and Casper Youth for Christ. In addition to growing up in Alaska, Joe's grandfather had a ranch outside of Casper, therefore, the outdoors beckons strongly to him. The family's two dogs, a black lab named River and a German Wirehaired Pointer named Brook, spend hours with Joe hunting ducks and geese. The couple also hunts deer, antelope and rabbits. And, they spend time at the family ranch.

Relationships are also important to them. They will visit Marie's family back East before Christmas and then share the holiday with Joe's family. The couple's 21-month-old daughter Kaia adds zest to the circle. She will be raised to enjoy the outdoors and to have a strong knowledge of and faith in God.

"I come from a Christian home and gave my life to Christ at a young age," Joe says. "My mom is a prayer warrior, and we (he and Marie) are active in our church."

Joe is also involved with Fathers in the Field, a program in which men mentor young boys who don't have dads. The project is growing in Casper, with men from several churches actively involved.

"I spend one-on-one time with the boy I mentor, several times a week," Joe says.

Faith is a strong part of who Marie is as well.

"Jesus rescued me from death and destruction," she says. "I was searching for my identity and looking in the wrong places. I'm grateful to be transformed."

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Their faith highly impacts their holiday season, especially as they look to establish traditions.

"We're thinking about traditions now that we have Kaia," Marie says. "We read the story of Jesus and also watch TV shows and movies, like 'Charlie Brown's Christmas' and 'It's a Wonderful Life'. And, I like to decorate, simple things mostly, like vine wreaths.

"I also like playing George Winston's 'Winter' between Thanksgiving and Christmas," she adds.

Joe and Marie met while attending Harvard (it's a Scott family tradition for the young men to go to college at Harvard). However, staying back east was not an option for Joe.

"I'm not a city person – I like the country and I love to hunt and fish," he says. "I was probably dropped in a fish pond when I was little!"

"I had to make a choice," Marie recalls, "but I knew I didn't want to settle there [in Boston].

"Casper is a great mix of small town feel and big city cultural amenities," she adds. "There are lots of down-to-earth people and a real focus on community, the arts and the outdoors."

A love for the outdoors will be part of the Scotts' legacy. Joe and his father shared a deep enjoyment of birding which is being passed on to Kaia. She has already learned to identify several bird sounds, according to her parents.

As the couple looks toward the future, they envision at least one more child and are considering adoption. They also hope to move to the ranch, settling closer to his side of the family and helping out more at the property.

"Ranchers represent hard-working America," Marie states. "It's a great place to raise a family."

"Hard work is a valuable thing," Joe adds.

Another legacy to establish and pass on.

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