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November -- A Good Month to Bring Home Houseplants

by Andrew Jozwik
Johnny Appleseed Greenhouses

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11/01/2012 - As with every November for the past 11 years I find myself consumed with thoughts of Christmas as I write this article. Poor Thanksgiving gets a bad deal because our Poinsettia crop keeps me so busy that I don't even take the whole day off. November is the month that we put all the final touches on the crop and we begin shipping them out across the state Thanksgiving week. I do much of the shipping myself,

I don't tell many people this but while other kids wanted to be astronauts and firemen, I wanted to be a truck driver. Burt Reynolds is one of my favorite actors and yes I do have an old ratty Trans Am in my shop. Hopefully someday it will be ready to outrun the smokies again. I have always known that the day I own my own semi I can figure I have finally made it in this world.

Although I do like the driving, the main reason I deliver many of the plants myself is because they are so fragile and it has taken so much work to get them ready that I don't dare trust anyone else to deliver them. The growing season for them starts clear back in June and they are by far the most difficult plant we raise. They keep us very busy in the fall and winter.

By now in your yard all the hoses should be unhooked, and anything that can't take a good freeze should be put away. This makes for a pretty boring month of gardening outside. Inside the house November is a good month to bring home some new houseplants. (Hopefully at least one of them will be a Johnny Appleseed Poinsettia.) Bringing home some houseplants gives you a way to garden even in the coldest weather. In addition, having a few good looking houseplants around when company comes over can make your home look even better. Although silk plants have come a long way and look more realistic than ever, there is no better compliment than when someone pulls the leaf off your plant and says, "Oh, I thought that plant was fake!" Your plant might not be too happy about this but it is nice when your plants look so good people think they are plastic, so the plant will just have to take one for the team.

Everyone should have a pet plant in their home. I keep my pet plants at work, mostly because they are usually poisonous. I have had pet ficus trees, oleanders and others. My favorite is the Angels Trumpet I have now. This is the second time I have had this plant, I sold the first one and regretted it so badly I had to get another. I actually grow them from just a few leaves. The one I have now is about six months old and is already about four feet tall. Find a plant you like and take it home and to grow. You won't be disappointed. Growing houseplants not only makes your home look nicer but they can give you a sense of satisfaction from knowing you are taking good care of them Have a great Thanksgiving.

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