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Hamilton Family Keeps Busy Keeping Up with One Another!

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11/01/2012 - By Gayle M. Irwin

Raising two active teenagers keeps Daniella and Bill Hamilton engaged with their family and with their community. The couple and their sons, Aldric (15) and David (14), spend time at football games (the boys play on teams at Midwest School), at dance recitals (both boys are involved at Beautiful Feet), as well as relaxing and being outdoors.

Bill and his sons are hunters, pursuing elk and deer primarily in the Shirley Mountains. Daniella is a runner, participating in half-marathons. She planned to be in a Casper race last month to benefit the Platte River Parkway Trust, however, a change in the Midwest football schedule created a change in race plans. Daniella anticipates taking part in the Tinkerbell Half-Marathon in January at California's Disneyland.

"It will be a vacation for us as well," she said. "My sister also plans to participate."

Usually the Hamiltons stay in Casper for Thanksgiving, however, this year they plan to travel to Utah to visit Daniella's younger brother and family. Her parents and other siblings live in the Casper area, so holidays are rotated between homes. Daniella says she and her mother conduct a bit of rivalry during this time of year.

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"We kind of have a Christmas competition," she says, "seeing who can get the decorations up the fastest."

The holidays will also find the family at the boys' Christmas dance recital. Aldric "does everything" when it comes to dance, his mom says, enjoying a variety of genres. However, his love, he says, is hip-hop, and that was primary motivator for joining Beautiful Feet. He has been part of the dance program for nearly three years. Younger brother David followed in his brother's footsteps last year, joining Beautiful Feet, participating in tumbling and ballet.

David also followed his brother's football path; this was his first year. Aldric has been part of the Midwest football program for three years. As part of the 6-man squad, he plays against schools such as Kaycee, Hulett and Dubois. Father Bill, who also played football in high school, believes Midwest has a good shot at going to state this year for the team has been playing well. In October, the team beat Kaycee in the last regular season game and stood at 6 wins, 2 losses. Midwest was scheduled to play Kaycee again the following week in an attempt to advance to state. It would be Aldric's first time going to the state tournament if the team does advance.

Activity and strength run in the family's veins. Bill recently retired from the National Guard; he spent 26 years as active military, and served one tour in Iraq as well as a tour in Kuwait. He currently works at Haliburton as a materials handler. Daniella serves as office manager for Environ Engineering. They are supportive of their boys' academic, athletic, and extra-curricular programs, helping with various school and dance events whenever possible in addition to attending games, practices, and recitals.

A ninth grader, Aldric also serves on the Midwest High School Student Council.

"We help with different fundraisers," he explains.

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That includes raising money for the Wyoming Make-a-Wish Foundation and also helping Kids Against Hunger, a project the group worked on in October.

In addition to being an active family, the Hamiltons are also a pet-loving family, sharing their house with Angel, a cat that "just appeared on our doorstep," according to Daniella. Reeses, a 5-year-old dachshund, and Maggie, a 3-year-old Corgi, help keep the family active as well, with playtimes in the house and yard and strolls through the neighborhood.

"We are a sucker for animals," states Daniella.

"I grew up with pets," Bill says, who was raised in Alliance, Neb., and graduated high school at Guernsey.

Dance is also a large part of the Hamiltons' lives. The boys practice four or more times a week. Finding Beautiful Feet was a positive gift for them, Daniella says.

"I really wanted to do hip-hop," Aldric states.

"I wanted to do tumbling," David chimes in.

The company was able to offer something for each boy's level and interest, something that motivated them to join upon discovering the business.

"I just kind of found them [Beautiful Feet]," explains Daniella.

Stumbling upon something good is basically what happened to her and Bill as well. They were introduced to each other through a mutual friend; the couple celebrated 17 years of marriage last June.

The many and varied activities keep the family bonded and engaged.

"It [also] keeps us out of trouble," Daniella says.

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