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Around Our Town: Poetry

"The Cowboy and the Cherub"by Sandra England

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09/01/2012 - The cherub approached the throne of the Lord

his wings were all aflutter

"I want to see the West, my Lord"

his voice began to stutter

The Lord smiled at the upturned face

understanding in His eyes

the tiny cherub longed to see

mountains and blue skies

The cherub flew to earth that day

with excitement and with glee

he saw the elk and moose and antelope

sagebrush and cottonwood trees

He saw a lonesome cowboy

wood stake in his hand

a roll of barbed wire near him

mending fences on his land

The cherub asked the cowboy

"What is your labor worth?"

The cowboy frowned and wiped his brow

"My wife is giving birth."

"A legacy to leave my sons

and my daughters too."

The cherub looked down at the cowboys hands

his callouses weren't new

The cherub raced back to heaven

anxious to see the Lord

He approached the throne room out of breath

stopping a heavenly chord

The Lord smiled at the tiny face

understanding in his eyes

The cherub had seen the cowboys grace

rugged mountains and blue skies

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