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Integrity Auto Body: It's All About the Name

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06/01/2012 - By Gayle Irwin

When Wes Sheddon decided to open his own auto body business last year, choosing a name for the business wasn't difficult. Although he and his family had originally selected one business name, another came to mind based upon who Wes strives to be: a person of integrity. It's also based upon his faith and values as a Christian.

"I truly want it to be God's business," he said. "I try to be a man of integrity – it is a work (in progress)."

Ask his wife, Debbie, and she will say with conviction and certainty that Wes "is a man of integrity."

Originally from Rock Springs, Wes learned the auto body trade at school in Laramie more than 20 years ago. He came to Casper in 1991 after working in Rock Springs directly out of school; he came to this community for the work. He worked at various shops around town, and in October 2011, he and his family opened their own auto body shop: Integrity Auto Body.

It's a family business, with Wes conducting the repairs and daughter Ashley working the front office area, including answering phones and assisting walk-in customers. Wife Debbie helps wherever and whenever needed, and other daughter Jessica also makes an appearance occasionally. Not to be excluded, Ashley's 2 ˝ year old girl, Skyler periodically graces the grounds with her laughter and love of gum.

"Family is an important thing," Wes said. "We try to create a family atmosphere while also keeping the business professional."

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At Integrity, Wes conducts repairs on dents, scratches, and major collision repairs, including paint jobs; classic car restoration is also part of the menu.

Located in Mills on Johnston Road off Wyoming Boulevard, Integrity Auto Body is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. The building has been home to other businesses including Rhino Linings. "It's a convenient location," Wes said.

He does have vision for the future, including outgrowing the building and moving to a bigger place. Like most business owners, growth and expansion is a thought for the future, but Wes acknowledges actually having that dream come true can bring complications. There are pros and cons to a business's growth, he said. Jobs have picked up and he foresees the need to hire additional people in the future.

In the meantime, he and his family will continue operating Integrity Auto Body and do so honestly and with heart, just as they envisioned when the doors opened eight months ago. Hanging his own business shingle fulfilled a longing within Wes.

"It's been a dream and desire," to run his own business, he said.

"Working on cars has always been fun for me. It's an art, a craft – it's more than a profession," Wes said.

If your car is in need of auto body repair, contact the people who aren't ashamed of placing a high value, a higher calling, into their business name – contact Integrity Auto Body at 472-2026.

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