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Christmas = Family + Faith The Burd Family

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12/01/2011 - By Gayle Irwin

As Christmas dawns, Hannah and Kris Burd look to little ones sharing their home, and within those lives find tremendous joy. That happiness grew when they welcomed a new baby the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Hannah and Kris have been married for seven years and to their union have come four children, including their newest son named Isaac Samuel. Eldest child, Lea, is five years old; daughter Nori is 3, and brother Logan is 1 years old. As the family anticipated the arrival of little Isaac, the other children, especially the big sisters, were "very excited," Hannah said.

"It's been fun for them, since they were old enough this time to understand more about the baby," she added.

Beyond the walls of their house are other blessings, including loving relatives and endearing memories. Christmas is all about family and faith for the Burds. They will share the holiday with church friends and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day rotating between relatives' homes. Kris' parents, who live in Billings, will drive down and spend time with the family, including their new grandson.

Being with family is a strong holiday tradition, but it's also an important component of their lives year-round.

"We spend lots of time with family," Hannah said.

"We have lots of family in town," Kris echoed.

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Choosing a special ornament to celebrate the year is another holiday tradition.

"The year we got our dog, we selected a dog ornament, for example," Hannah said. "We're a young family, and so we've just started establishing our traditions. It's fun!"

A baby ornament in honor of Isaac will probably be this year's special selection.

As they decorate for season, the children have become more aware of some typical holiday traditions. Shopping for special decorations appeals to the girls, Hannah said.

"The kids are so expressive, and very expressively excited (about Christmas)," she said.

Their faith is also an important part of their holiday tradition as well as their life together. The Burds attend Casper Alliance Church. Hannah helps lead worship, and Lea will be part of this year's Christmas play she will portray an angel.

To the little girl, the best part of Christmas is "Jesus was born in a manager," she said.

Younger sister Nori likes "food" best!

Within the Burds' nest there are special times shared throughout the year.

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"We play games, go camping, and go out to eat that's a simple, yet special and important treat for us," Kris said.

Kris works for Lincare, and Hannah provides piano lessons. She has also established a small business called Burdhouse Bakery, in which she creates custom-order breads, including yeast breads, quick breads, specialty breads and homemade granola.

"I like to cook for people," Hannah said.

She bakes a variety of items, such as wheat and sourdough loaves, blueberry and pumpkin muffins, herb cheese loaves, scones, coffee cake, and chocolate chip cookie bars.

"They are fresh, made the day people pick it up," Hannah said.

People can order by calling her at 258-1408 or contacting her through email at burdhousebakery@live.com.

While Hannah's passions include baking and music, Kris enjoys writing poetry and prose. His goal is to write a novel. This year the couple spent several months renovating the house they currently live in, moving, gutting, and remodeling in about six months. All in addition to expecting their fourth child.

As Christmas approaches and a new year sets in, the Burds look upon the four young lives entrusted to them and the faith and family which strengthens them. Within those blessings the couple finds joy and satisfaction. Casper provides not just a home and employment, but also wonderful remembrances. For example, Hannah and Kris met at Casper College.

"Everywhere we go, there's a memory," Hannah said.

"Our family involvement is here (in Casper)," Kris said. "This community has a family-pace, it's a place that values people above other things."

As a family that values their loved ones, friends, and faith, the Burds are right at home making memories and establishing family traditions in a community that is endearing to them.

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