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Cover Family

The Stenhaug Family

Jeff and Tammy Stenhaug and their sons Kellan (17), and Kris (15) are avid outdoors fans -- camping, hunting, fishing, and, for the boys, climbing mountains and snowboarding....more>

Music to my Ears

Harry Connick Jr. - Oh, My NOLAMichael Buble' - Call Me Irresponsible

Ask anybody who knows me and they'll quickly tell you how uncool I am. In fact, it has been said that if cool is the disease, I am the cure....more>
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Business Spotlight

Godfather's Pizza

When he was growing up he told his parents he would own his own business someday. Work for himself. When he was 26 he bought Godfather's Pizza located on East 2nd Street at the north end of the Hobby Lobby parking lot....more>

To your health

Scoliosis -- Some hope?

Last month I was attending a class in which the main speakers were from Montreal, Canada. They were pediatric orthopedists who wanted to share a new bracing system for scoliosis and they were intrigued by the technique I use to analyze posture at my office....more>
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Casper's Cool Kids

Casper's kids come in all shapes and sizes and so do their cool dads. From cool dads come super cool kids, so with the celebration of Father's Day this month, I decided to ask kids a few questions about their dads....more>
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Gentle Virtues

Pulling Together--Prescriptions for Daily Life

The time has come. My husband Randy girds his waist with the end of a long, thick rope. Our children Simon (12), Marcelle (6), John (4) and our twelve-year-old friend Rachel, along with myself, line up before him and take position....more>

Legally Speaking

Balance of Power

In my last article I discussed the facat the the Constitution of the United States is designed to be a living document that adapts to the changes our country is going through....more>
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"Are You Being Chased by the "Black Dog"? Understanding, Diagnosing and Treating Male Depression

In a recent report from the Mayo Clinic, it was estimated that 6 million men are affected by depression each year....more>

Game & Fish

Urban Wildlife Conflicts

When wildlife and humans live in the same place, there is potential for conflict. A number of species have adapted to urban and suburban areas and can be quite common in residential developments....more>
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If these walls could talk

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

In the children's book "The Secret Garden" a young man is healed from his pale and sickly invalid state through healthy contact with nature....more>


Living Books

In the nineteenth century, English educator Charlotte Mason recommended a "one-page test" to parents, teachers and children....more>
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Natrona County Marriage and Family Alliance

A wedding is for a day but a marriage is for a lifetime. This is a well-known axiom but observers of our society might think we practice just the opposite....more>
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