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Our Cover Family

The Robert & Bernie Snyder Family

Talking exuberantly, laughing throughout, overlapping and taking turns, Robert and Bernie (Bernadine) Snyder tell me about Robert's marriage proposal....more>
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Gentle Virtues


The chase is on! Eisley, my pug, did a no no and i'm going to reprimand him...if I can catch him in our backyard....more>
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Casper's Cool Kids

Caleb Gray

Caleb Gray, age 10, seems surprised as his mother Katrina tells me some of the things people say about him....more>
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Outstanding Educators

Cheri Corbett

Cheri Corbett doesn't seem to like kids. Cheri Corbett seems to love kids. It shows in how she interacts with them and how she guides her staff to interact with them....more>
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To Your Health

Raising A Child (Part 3)

Our hypothetical child is now starting to walk or crawl and developing at a very rapid rate in the nervous system, organs and musculoskeletal system....more>
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"Loving" Too Much or Not Enough: The Problems with Emotional Dependance and Detachment

Last month, the topic discussed in this column was love what it is and how to love in a healthy manner....more>
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Casper's Young Athletes

Justin and Jeremy Solko

"I consider the boys to be such a blessing," says Michelle Solko of her sons Justin (10) and Jeremy (8) Solko....more>
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Game & Fish

Take Advantage of Early Registration

Spring is right around the corner and boaters should spend this time getting ready for the upcoming season....more>
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Business Spotlight

Platte River Restaurant

Larry Cage, along with his partner Shelley Fox, opened the Platte River Restaurant in May 2000. When they bought the building, they knew they had their work cut out for them....more>
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If These Walls Could Talk

Storage Solutions

Window and Wall Gallery The problem of clutter was solved once. I researched a certain Native American culture that took spring cleaning to an extreme....more>

Legally Speaking

A Living Document

Last month, I discussed my desire to help the readers of Our Town Casper Magazine to understand the rules (laws) of our society and how to use that knowledge to enrich their lives....more>
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Music To My Ears

Montgomery-Gentry: Some People ChangeDarryl Worley: Here and Now

Thanks to the Southern Rock and Outlaw Country musical movements in the early 1970s, the line between Country and Rock and Roll is still pretty blurry....more>
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