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Have You Eaten Any Good Books Lately?

APRIL FOOL'S DAY will soon be here, and that means EDIBLE BOOK FEST!...more>
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Game & Fish

Winter Range

Cold, snowy winters can put a strain on Wyoming's big game animals. But that strain is nothing compared to the lasting impacts that warm, dry winters can have....more>
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Gentle Virtues

Lessons From a Dental Chair

Last night, just a few hours before a small flock of sparrows and finches would be breaking their fast at our bird feeder, I fumbled around in the dark. My ...more>

Business Spotlight

Casper Surgical Center

"Our purpose is to provide the highest quality outpatient surgical care for our community," explains Jim Sigler, Administrator of Casper Surgical Center. He e...more>
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To Your Health

Raising a Child (Part 2)

Hello again! Hope you had a great month. We continue our series on children now with the blessed little nipper's arrival....more>
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Casper's Cool Kids

Sean Cummings

Eleven-year-old Sean Cummings is beyond cool. He has been described as "melodrama personified" by Margaret Gillikin, the director of the music camp he attended last summer. He ...more>
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Music To My Ears

Tom Petty and John Waite

You know you're getting old when the music you grew up with is called "classic rock." Oh, well. At least that's better than what they call the music of my folks. ...more>
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What's Love Got To Do With It?

February means Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day means love but is Tina Turner right about the fact that love is just a "second-hand emotion"? What is a second-hand emotion anyway? I can only guess! I am not sure love is an emotion at all....more>
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Our Cover Family

The Tiger and Barbara Thompson family

"I have the bestest mommy and daddy in the whole wide world and I love them very much," says Bailey Thompson (8) of her parents, Tiger and Barb. "My...more>
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Outstanding Educators

Traci Blom

"You can go out into the world and you can make a difference," relates March Outstanding Educator, Traci Blom, referring to ideology she learned in her own educational background at Evangel University, which she credits as motivating her in her own educational career. ...more>
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