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Casper Youth for Christ Honors Ashley Bright

Looking for a more positive hangout than most of today's top spots for teens? Come on over to The Link! This coffee shop located on the corner of Nichols and A Street is a great place to meet new friends and have fun. Foos...more>
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Game & Fish

Lasting impacts of the Jackson Canyon Fire

As the last embers flicker out from the Jackson Canyon fire, we are left with a landscape that looks starkly different than it did prior to Aug. 14. ...more>

Gentle Virtues

Looking Up To Dad

"Mom, is Dad the tallest man in the world?" asks our five-year-old daughter, Marcelle. "No, sweet girl," I respond. "Th...more>
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Business Spotlight

Olson Auto Body and Collision Center

Ken Olson of Olson's Auto Body and Collision Center first had the gleam in his eye for starting his business in 2000. Ha...more>

The Addiction Factor, Part 2

Last month, Don Riley was a guest columnist for this column in Our Town Casper and wrote about addictions and recovery as he was kicking off a new program called Celebrate Recovery. I ...more>
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Casper's Cool Kids

Isabel Mank

Casper's Cool Kids? Yup! Even though Isabel Mank was actually born in Germany and lived there for thirteen years before moving to Austria! "I've always wanted to live in America since I was six years old!" Isabel shares. A tr...more>
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Business Spotlight

Ark Animal Hospital

"If I was a dog, this is where I'd want to come," says Ben Dixon. "If [Dr. Thies] could treat me, I'd come here." Wi...more>

Choosing Color for your Home

Part Three: Color Balance

"Realize that selecting color for our homes is not a lifetime commitment, but a statement of style that can evolve as we ourselves grow" says designer Bruce Knott. ...more>
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Our Cover Family

The Rostads

If you have attended a reenactment at Fort Caspar in years past, you may have seen the Rostads, our cover family. ...more>
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Outstanding Educators

Bob Kleinschmidt

During the fire on Casper Mountain, Casper College offered their gymnasium to evacuated residents. Our...more>

Music to your Ears

Gov't Mule: High & Mighty

Musically speaking, every now and then I run across something that's simply better. Better than every and anything else I could choose to listen to. ...more>

To Your Health

Are You Kidding Me?

One of my children (I am now threatened not to use names or genders for fear of reputations at stake) wanted a cup of hot chocolate one cold morning. I a...more>
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