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Around Our Town...

Friends of the Library Book Sale this March

Hilery Walker, Community Relations Coordinator For many, it is the most anticipated time of the year and no, it is not a birthday or Christmas, but rather the Friends of the Library Spring Book Sale....more>
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Around Our Town...Business Spotlight

Magic City Stoves and Black Magic Chimney Sweeps

I don't know about you but when I think of chimney sweeps visions of Dick Van Dyke dancing on roof tops singing, "chim-chiminey, chim-chiminey, chim-chim-charee, a sweep is as lucky as lucky can be"...hmm...more>

Around Our Town...Casper's Cool Kids

Windy City Wrestlers

by Tami Watts Inside a large, green and yellow padded room at Kelly Walsh High School about sixty boys from ages three through high school are double legging, chicken winging and cow catching....more>

Around Our Town...Family

The Battle of the Sexes Part 2

In last month's article, I introduced the subject of the differences between men and women and suggested that there are cultural and environmental factors that influence us related to gender roles and expectations as well as genetics (or, as some refer to it, "how we are hard-wired"). Wha...more>
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Around Our Town...Game and Fish

Register Boats Early

Many Wyoming boaters probably breathed a sigh of relief on Feb. 2 when Punxsutawney Phil informed them that they still have six more weeks of winter in order to get their watercraft registered before the spring thaw. ...more>
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Around Our Town...Gentle Virtues


Before my husband and I moved to Wyoming, we attended college, met, and worked in the Seattle area. I r...more>

Around Our Town...Health

Sage Medical Has a New Home

Sage Medical Group has moved into their new location at the McMurry Medical Arts Center, located at 419 S Washington Street, just behind the hospital. Sag...more>
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Around Our Town...If These Walls Could Talk

Remodeling a Small Bath

Many of our homes have a small bath that does not accommodate a family's needs including storage, light, comfort, updated fixtures, flooring and the list goes on. So w...more>
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Around Our Town...March Gardening Calendar

Starting Seeds Indoors

by Helen Scott Starting your own seeds for a garden is not only a rewarding experience but also a great way to help a gardener's passion deal with the windy cold days of the first of the year....more>
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Around Our Town...Music to My Ears

The Greencards: Weather and Water

Something strange happened way back in the eighties. Okay, let's face it. A whole lot of strange stuff went on back then, much of which many of us will never live down. In t...more>

Around Our Town...Our Cover Family

The Troy and Julie Pierantoni Family

by Tami Watts "We love Casper. It feels like home here," expresses Julie Pierantoni, the wife and mom of our featured cover family....more>
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Around Our Town...Outstanding Educators

Mrs. Betty Garwood

by Tami Watts Nestled on a hillside, across from CY Junior High, our featured outstanding educator, Mrs....more>
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Around Our Town...Sports

The Cavalry rides again!

Fresh off a playoff season, the Wyoming Cavalry open their home schedule on March 24th against expansion Bozeman in the Casper Events Center. "We...more>

Around Our Town...To Your Health

Over the Counter Risks

I was going through a magazine and I came across an ad for an over the counter pain reliever and 2 tablets later the person in pain depicted in the ad was resuming her exercise regiment. At h...more>
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The Assassination - Part VII

Jonathan pretended not to hear whoever it was that called him. He knew that getting himself worked up would not help at all. I...more>
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