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Around Our Town...Business Spotlight

North Platte Physical Therapy

by Jennifer Sardam You might already know that physical therapy can treat your back or knee pain, but how about improving your golf swing?  North Platte Physical Therapy Services, Inc....more>
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Around Our Town...Cool Kids

Brittany Lake

by Flint Bartosh "She makes me look at people differently...she never says anything bad about anyone," says Robin Lake, mother of 13 year-old Brittany Lake....more>

Around Our Town...Family

What About the Kids?

During a major holiday season, we don't like to think about things that are sad or unpleasant. However, for families who have been torn apart by divorce, these issues don't go away or take a holiday vacation. In ...more>

Around Our Town...Family Finance

The FBI's New "Top Ten" List

The FBI has come out with a "top ten" check list of things to alert you that you may be about to be scammed. If y...more>
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Around Our Town...Game and Fish

Discover the secretive world of winter wildlife

By Robin Kepple When I first moved to the mountains of Colorado many years ago I didn't know bears frequented my yard until the morning in late fall when I found the tracks of two bears in the newly fallen snow....more>

Around Our Town...Gentle Virtues

Contagious Joy

It was Christmas 1994. My mom leaned over and smiled at our three month old son, Simon. Simon broke into a laugh for the very first time. His...more>

Around Our Town...Health

You Want a TV In Your Bedroom For Christmas?

My daughter has pleaded with me for years for a TV in her bedroom, hoping that I would wither under her relentless attack as to the benefits of this proposal. I ha...more>
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Around Our Town...Health

Sage Medical Group to Relocate in January

Sage Medical Group is eagerly awaiting their move into the McMurry Medical Arts Building located behind the hospital on Washington Street. The...more>
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Around Our Town...Heroes

Casper resident, Army journalist covers post-Katrina operations in LA

by Jennifer Sardam In the middle of New Orleans' Ninth Ward, one of many areas decimated by Hurricane Katrina, I raised my Nikon D1 camera and began to shoot rapidly....more>
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Around Our Town...Music To My Ears

A Skaggs Family Christmas, Volume One

When I was a little feller, one of my Christmas rituals was to put on a favorite Christmas record (Buck Owens, Charley Pride, Elvis, the Chipmunks, etc.), da...more>
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Around Our Town...Outstanding Educators

Sally Keith

"It is the greatest gift...to get to be with these kids six to seven hours a day as they become adults," says Sally Keith, high school counselor at Roosevelt. Sal...more>
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Around Our Town...People


by Flint Bartosh "Their music reaches through generational gaps to touch the hearts of both the young and the old," says the Gospel Music Association about Casper's Christian alternative rock band, Pelekan....more>

Around Our Town...People

The Chad and Tammy Bergman Family

Anyone who knows Tammy Bergman knows she possesses a delightful personality. Tammy lights up a room when she walks in and has a way of making life a little brighter for all who know her. H...more>
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