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Around Our Town...Making a Difference

Care Net Pregnancy and Resource Clinic

Casper's Care Net Pregnancy and Resource Clinic will celebrate it's grand reopening with an open house on Saturday June 4 from 11 to 3 at which time it will function officially as a medical clinic under OB/GYN Doctor Sam Scaling with a licenced clinical nurse....more>

Around our Town...People

Lola and Wendell Culbertson

When Lola Culbertson traveled to Casper with her late husband, Print Thompson, in 1953 she had no idea how much her life would change over the next 52 years....more>

Around Our Town . . . Outstanding Educators

Brenda Bosco Fort Casper Academy

"I don't have any children of my own, but I feel like I have twenty-six of them," relates Fort Casper Academy sixth grade teacher, Brenda Bosco....more>

Around Our Town...Ask the Decorator

In my last article I began to explain the differences in frames and why it is important to get the right materials for a custom frame....more>

Around Our Town...Authors

Casper native creates modern Wyoming warden

Join one of Casper's own, author Chuck Box, for a book signing of his latest release, Out of Range....more>

Around Our Town...Business Spotlight

Hilltop Shopping Center

Anyone living in Casper will recognize Hilltop Shopping Center as a long standing landmark. Hilltop is the oldest shopping center in Casper. Our Town Casper is pleased to congratulate Hilltop Shopping Center on the celebration of over 50 years in business. ...more>

Around Our Town...Business Spotlight

Central Wyoming Optometric Center

Dr. Deon K. Zeitner, Central Wyoming Optometric Center "I enjoy what I do. It's more than just a job....more>

Around Our Town...Business Spotlight

Wyoming Osteoporosis Center

May is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month. Osteoporosis is a disease that affects a persons' bone density....more>

Around Our Town...Casper's Cool Kids - Leland Hepworth

Seventh grader Leland Hepworth, age 13, son of Connie and George Hepworth, was awarded the Boy Scouts of America's highest award, the rank of Eagle, on April 1, 2005....more>

Around Our Town...Casper's Cool Kids Youth Empowerment Council

The Youth Empowerment Council is the only program in Casper that reduces programs FOR youth and replaces them with programs BY youth, thereby enabling them to become productive members of society....more>

Around Our Town...Economic Development

It's not easy to move from #3 on a list UP to #3, but that's exactly what happened to Casper....more>

Around Our Town...Family

When I was a teenager, I thought it would be a fairly simple thing to be a parent if you just do everything opposite of the way your parents did it, everything would come out OK, right? It wasn't until I had two teenage stepchildren that I understood that parenting principles are easier to study, research and talk about than to put into practice....more>

Around Our Town...Legally Speaking

Your brand-new car is smacked by a careless driver. You are uninjured, and the offending driver's insurance pays for repairs using top quality parts and quality workmanship. Sound like a fair resolution, right? ...more>

Around Our Town...Music to My Ears

Musically speaking, I cut my teeth on the hardcore country music of the fifties, sixties, and early seventies....more>

Around Our Town...Recreation

Spring is a great time for fishing in Central Wyoming and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department encourages anglers to get out and enjoy Wyoming's great outdoors....more>

Around Our Town...Safety

Every year, more than 3.5 million children ages 14 and under suffer sports injuries serious enough to require medical treatment....more>

Around Our Town...Sports

Casper hosts its 7th College National Finals Rodeo

Seven years ago, folks in Casper had a dream. They wanted to bring the championship of college rodeo to their hometown, and they set off for Las Vegas to convince those who could make it happen....more>

Around Our Town...To your health

Getting Radical Part II

In last month's issue I introduced the main culprit in the damage and aging process to the body the free radical....more>

Around Our Town...To Your Health - Strokes

May is National Stroke Awareness Month. It is important to know the risk factors and warning signs because the quicker you are able to get treatment, the less debilitating the stroke may be....more>
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