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Around our Town...Outstanding Educators

Just one glance at Al Allen's resume engineer, geologist, athlete, museum curator, writer, minister, and, of course, teacher, tells you he's outstanding in more ways than one....more>

Around Our Town...People

Some people like to write letters, others don't. Homer Lathrop was one of those who never wrote letters until he met Virginia, that is....more>

"Greater Love Las No One . . ."

Do you believe in miracles? Cathy Brown does. She doesn't just believe in them. She is living proof....more>

Around Our Town...To Your Health

The holiday decorations are packed away, hopefully without any mishaps such as straining your back, falling off a ladder....more>

Around Our Town...Economic Development

Casper ranks eighth nationally in percentage of job growth as of December 6th 2004, according to an article in the American City's Business Journal....more>

Free Programs Can Help You Quit Smoking

A new program in Casper can help you quit smoking for good. Natrona County is one of only six counties in Wyoming participating in a new program called Wyoming Quit Tobacco....more>

Around Our Town...To Your Health

I only have eyes for you! by Patti Kantor Now that you have shared a few milestone anniversaries with the love of your life, are you still able to focus clearly on your relationship? Meaning can you see your partner as well as when you first met or does your vision seem to be diminishing? Cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are the two leading causes of blindness and visual impairment for millions of aging Americans, with 40 being the age when vision changes start to occur....more>

Around Our Town...Ask the Decorator

Whew!! We made it through another holiday season. Sometimes I wonder if I would even notice if the walls of my house fell down, as long as those Christmas decorations stayed intact....more>

Around Our Town...Family

EIGHT MYTHS OF MARRIAGE PART 1 In February, 2003, Michael McManus wrote an article for Ethics and Religion entitled "Eight Myths of Marriage"....more>

Around Our Town...Casper's Cool Kids

What makes Michael Loveland a "cool kid"? Let's see . . . Maybe it's the fact that he saved his dad's life last summer....more>

Methamphetamine Beware (Part 2: Conspiracy in Federal Court)

In part one of this series I briefly discussed how the sentencing guidelines work. A central part of the federal sentencing guidelines is that on drug charges, the amount of time you serve is based the amount of drugs you're "responsible for," or, in legal terms, your "relevant conduct....more>

Tony Borton - Alison Krauss and Union Station: "Lonely Runs Both Ways"

Since the tender age of sixteen, Alison Krauss has been making bluegrass records. Over the years, we have watched and listened as she grew up before us....more>

Tony Borton - Buddy Miller: "Universal United House of Prayer"

One of the many reasons that I consider our nation to be the greatest on the face of the earth is the fact that America is truly a melting pot....more>
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