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Business Spotlight

Godfather's Pizza

Jenny & J.R. Hunter (click for larger version)
06/01/2007 - When he was growing up he told his parents he would own his own business someday. Work for himself.

When he was 26 he bought Godfather's Pizza located on East 2nd Street at the north end of the Hobby Lobby parking lot. He ran the restaurant by day and remodeled it by night. All night. Until 7 a.m. when it was time to whip the place into shape for the day's hungry customers.

Now, at 28, he pours every cent of profit back into his business and, once it's paid off, he hopes to design a whole new building with an even more appealing family atmosphere. "Games. TV's. Dining spaces that have more privacy. A separate room for parties."

(click for larger version)
Who's this young entrepreneur? J.R. Hunter. A man whose work ethic would, I think, impress even the Pilgrims.

"I put my whole self into fixing this up. I wanted to make it into a place worthy of people coming in and spending their money."

J.R. even redid the bathrooms himself.

A Casper native and 1997 graduate of NCHS, J.R says, "Having the opportunity to own and operate my own business at such a young age means a lot to me." He employs people of all ages but, "hiring other young kids gives them the chance to see how to run a business. The challenges you face trying to build it up. Keep it successful."

"And there's always the fear. Will I succeed? Will I fail? A lot of people depend on my success."

And, J.R. humbly admits, his success depends on a lot of people. For instance, his parents.

"They're "100% supportive of everything I do. They're my foundation." They helped with the remodeling, currently work every Saturday and Sunday morning to get the restaurant ready to open, and perform all those tasks that J.R. doesn't have time to do.

"The tasks on a day to day basis are astronomical," J.R. says. "The restaurant business is an insane business. I oversee every little detail but stillhave to keep my mind on the whole picture."

The pressures of running the restaurant and having it on his mind 24/7 can be daunting. So J.R. occasionally runs up to the mountain for a day of quiet and calm. His favorite pass time is "hanging out and watching the wildlife." A professional photographer, he also snaps pictures of those wild critters now and then. You can check out his work at www.jrhunterphotography.com.

"If you let your business consume you, it makes it more difficult than it needs to be."

Check out the lunch buffet or the delicious dinner menu! Visit Godfather's Pizza at 2877 East 2nd Street or reach them by phone at 265-1221.

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