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06/01/2006 - One time my sixth grade science teacher asked our class if we did last night's experiment, which was to put a little water in a bowl before bedtime. I raised my hand with the classmates. Looking around the room, he asked certain students what they saw. It was unanimous, "Nothing". Then he asked, "Did anyone have a different outcome?" Sheepishly I raised my hand. The teacher looked surprised and asked, "What did you see, Tami?"

"Lettuce," I responded. "My brother, Dell, had a salad in my bowl last night."


tancies. We can expect them! Can you recall a sudden surprise or an unexpected turn of events? I think of recently finding a recipe for potato salad in my five-year-old's sock drawer and a couple of apple slices wedged between my three-year-old's socks and undies.

Unexpectancies can cause us to snicker. Unexpectancies can bring life to a movie, novel, play or musical performance. It makes a sporting event or fishing excursion exciting. Unexpectancy can create a delightful moment in a wedding proposal.

But as we know, not all unexpectancies are welcome. Our children can can come into the house caked with mud just after you have cleaned the floors and bathroom. We can run out of windshield wiper fluid in traffic and an XXL wool sweater can come out of a hot dryer looking considerably smaller.

Recently I baked a beautifully browned chicken. My husband and three kids anticipated the tender meat. With flamboyant wave of the knife and a playful smile, I began to carve the chicken. Immediately I hit bone?! I pulled back the browned skin and whimpered, "Where's the meat?" My husband, getting a kick out of this, said, "Turn the chicken over." I did just that and, to my relief, I found the meat!

Occasionally I think of that chicken incident. When I need to look at the lighter side of life, I sometimes tell myself, "Turn the chicken over."

Choose this day to enjoy life. Smile. Snicker. Go ahead...turn the chicken over.

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