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The Tim and Sheri ("Fred") Bailey Family

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01/01/2006 - by Tami Watts

Fred Bailey is the "glue" in the Bailey home. Her scheduling and organizational skills hold their home together. These skills also provide their family scrapbooks filled with special family memories in Casper and of the many states they have visited.

You may be wondering if "Fred" is short for Frederica. It is not. Fred's real name is Sheri. Her little sister gave her that name and it's stuck for almost 20 years.

Tim Bailey is the "foundation" in the Bailey family. Fred refers to him as "stable and laid back". Tim owns and operates Ace Hardware off Beverly and East Second Street. Tim is Fred's "Tim the Toolman". It only seems natural for Tim to purchase the hardware store from his parents in 2003. This is the place where he first started working – assembling lawn mowers at age six!

Tim and Fred have two dearly loved daughters. Tori is six-and-a-half. She is one of the top readers in Mrs. Eastwood's First Grade Class at Oregon Trail. Tori is a "social butterfly" with "a super-kind heart". She is in her fifth year of dance and dances at the Dance Evolution Studio in the Sunrise Mall. Tori provides the Bailey home with cute pipecleaner bugs and refigerator art.

Hannah is three-and-a-half. "She is our little free spirit," Fred explains. She is a "ball of energy" with a "big imagination". Hannah loves to pretend with her babies, Barbies and Polly Pocket. Her straight forward and honest way makes her a "little comedian", filling the Bailey home with laughter.

In 1990, Fred was ready to move from her hometown of Dickinson, North Dakota, to some place new. She chose Casper and is glad she did. This is where she met Tim, a Casper native. They plan to be here for a long time. They like living where people are more laid back and the four seasons can be observed. Here they can bird hunt (ducks and geese); they can fish and go fourwheeling.

Tim, Fred, Tori and Hannah we are happy to have you as part of our Caper community. Thank you for being our featured cover family.

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