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12/01/2005 - by Flint Bartosh

"Their music reaches through generational gaps to touch the hearts of both the young and the old," says the Gospel Music Association about Casper's Christian alternative rock band, Pelekan. In 2004 this awesome band started out with Seth Madrigal and Jason Joreski, but has grown to include Josh Blom and Rob Botz. "We chose the name Pelekan because we thought the symbolism was perfect," Jason explained, referring to the legend of the medieval pelican that was thought to actually tear her own chest to feed her young in times of famine.

Jason Joreski, Pelekan's song writer, vocalist, and backup guitarist, was born in Oak Park, Illinois but spent the vast majority of his life in Wyoming. Jason started playing the guitar when he was only thirteen, following in the footsteps of his father, also a musician. Jason also writes all of Pelekan's songs and attributes most of his writing talent to college. Now married and the father of 4 children, Jason spends most of his time at the writing center in Casper College, spending time with his family and practicing with the band. He tells us that he is glad that Casper's population is relatively small, and that he loves the outdoors, wildlife and nature.

"What you tap your foot to in a song I get to do using all of my limbs," says Seth Madrigal, Pelekan's drummer. "I love the rhythm and the freedom of playing drums." Seth's father David Madrigal, also an accomplished musician on both the piano and guitar gave him his first drum set when he was nine. Seth was born in Casper and has spent his entire life here. When asked what it is about Casper that appeals most to him, he tells us , "I like the size and seclusion of Casper." Four years ago, Seth married Joyce. "She is my jewel, my joy. She supports and encourages me. She is a wonderful instrument used by the Lord to sustain the vision He has in store for the both of us."

Just after starting the band, Jason and Seth invited Josh Blom, to be their lead guitarist and backup vocalist. Like the rest of the band, Josh has lived almost all of his life in Wyoming. "I enjoy the versatility of Casper. The way you can go to a weekend movie, but just two miles away go fishing," Josh says. Josh started playing the guitar 17 years ago and hasn't stopped since. "My brothers were the ones who inspired me to play. I started playing and realized it was more than a hobby, I had a talent." When asked why he likes playing guitar, Josh said, "I love the huge range in pitch with a guitar and the way you can go from a clean crisp classical sound to a radical, jammin', distorted sound." Josh and his wife Traci have been married six years. "I wouldn't be the man I am without the woman I have," Josh says. "I'm truly honored to be her husband." The couple are blessed with three beautiful children: Taliah (4), Tamryn (1 1/2) and Josiah (4 months)

Pelekan's bass guitarist, Rob Botz, the most recent addition to the band, came all the way from Oahu, Hawaii to be part of the band. "Growing up in Wyoming, the last place in the world I had expected to end up was the white sand shores of Oahu," Rob says. Although he worked for a while in Hawaii, Rob has spent most of his life in Casper and calls it home. "I like the contrast Casper has compared to bigger cities. It's a good place to raise a family," he remarked. After an invitation to play during the band's first concert on New Year's Eve last year, Rob became full time part of Pelekan's ministry. Rob tells us, "I'm looking to serve my Savior with the gifts he has given me. I look to please him in all I do."

Pelekan will be playing at the IKON Center in Cheyenne in front of 2,100 expecting fans on December 31st. Tickets are only $1.

If anyone would like to donate to Pelekan and their cause you can find them on www.indieheaven.com. All donations are tax deductible.

Thanks guys for the ministry that you give through Pelekan and the portion of your lives that you give to our community. We appreciate you.

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