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Around Our Town...Casper's Cool Kids

The Haines Boys...Doug, Tim, Jordan and Joel

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11/01/2005 - "What can I say? I feel privileged to have such a great family. The boys are fun to live with. I'm proud of them," says Alana Haines of her sons, Doug (16), Tim (15), Jordan (13), and Joel (11). "I'm probably biased since I'm their mother, but I think they're pretty neat boys," she beams.

The Haines family made the decision to move to Casper from Minnesota where the boys grew up in order to care for Helen Beard, their grandmother (featured in Our Town Casper's first edition as "Grandma Heaven" — November 2004). While the boys were not exactly excited about leaving their friends, they agreed out of love for their grandma. "Grandma Heaven" passed away at August 28th at age 90.

Casper has a way of endearing itself to your heart and the boys now find plenty of things appealing about Casper. They took their first hunting trip not long ago and Doug and Tim both got their first deer, each having fired only one shot. "It was exciting," says Joel, who was along for the ride. They all enjoyed the meat.

Doug says what he likes most about Casper is the surrounding area...the mountains...the wildlife, and (of course – it never fails) the people. Tim likes the climate (having come from a place much colder than Casper where he says there was sometimes snow piled up to his shoulders). Also, he likes the mountains and the "big city".

"Our town in Minnesota was so small that you could walk a lot of places and there were no pools. I like being able to swim," says Joel. Jordan agrees that he likes the mountains best.

The boys lived across the street from a senior citizens' center in Minnesota and would go over and scrape the snow and ice from the cars when the residents needed to go out as there was no garage. Doug has also helped people by working on their houses and Doug and Joel have helped others rake leaves.

Doug says his goals for the future can be summed up as follows: "To serve God in the area He has called me and with the best of my ability." He says he looks up to his parents, Roy and Alana, and their oldest brother, Stephen, who is married and is awaiting deployment as a missionary.

Tim says, "Stephen has always been a hard worker; he sets a goal and works until he accomplishes it. He blazes his own path, definitely not a follower."

When asked about accomplishments, Jordan and Joel agree that completing last year's math course was a "big one". The family enjoys humor as evidenced in some of their responses. Doug says one of his great accomplishments was "growing taller than everyone in my family except Dad and Stephen."

Tim says his was earning the money to go on a mission trip to Mexico. He did car washes, bake sales and sent out letters to raise the funds and feels it was well worth the effort. "It was life changing."

Tim plays drums at his church and hopes to be in a band. Jordan is a fan of the Broncos and would like to be a football player. Joel is headed in a different direction. He aspires to be president of the United States. Go for it, guys! Welcome to Casper. We're pleased you came.

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