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Excitotoxins - Part III

11/01/2005 - Hello Again

Thank you for the feedback on the excitotoxin topic. Many of you have asked what you can eat. Well it is hard in most people's current situation to avoid excitotoxins completely. Food Manufacturer's are determined to keep doing this so you must decide how much you want to consume or allow your child to consume and how much you are willing to allow your body to be affected by it.

I'd like to talk about the excitotoxin and obesity relationship. In a book by Russell Blaylock M.D. called Health and Nutritional Secrets. he discusses early research in which a researcher noted that during an experiment involving MSG the lab mice became obese. In another experiment animals fed MSG soon after birth preferred foods that were high in carbohydrates and low in nutritional value. The animals also ate less but ate rapidly, like teenagers (OUCH!).

In a study in the journal Physiology and Behavior, rats that fed with MSG became obese and had difficulty in losing the weight by exercising. Does that sound similar to today's society? Some researchers note that there could be some damage to the brain at this juncture. Keep in mind that the human brain is 5 times more sensitive than that of a lab mouse (Important). So if MSG can cause these problems in a mouse imagine what it can do to your brain and body (or has done).

Are there other excitotoxins? Yes, I would like to discuss one other called carrageenan. Carrageenan is a relatively new additive compared to MSG. Experimentally it is used as an agent to induce intense inflammation in lab animals. In animals injected with cancer causing chemicals it was found to cause tumors to appear more rapidly and in higher numbers, and spread more quickly. It is classified as a tumor promoter. It can be considered hazardous for those who have had colon cancer or these who are at risk for colon cancer. It could also worsen inflammation for individuals with inflammatory bowel disorders.

So in closing on this topic let's review a few things:

1) Excitotoxins (MSG and Aspartame) are common factors in neurodegenerative

condition such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, and Multiple Sclerosis.

2) Excitotoxins will excite the body's pain pathway (increase pain).

3) Excitotoxin can cross the placenta and affect the developing newborn.

4) Excitotoxins (MSG in particular) can affect obesity.

In an article to be published by the European Journal of Oncology, Aspartame (also known as Nutrasweet) induces lymphomas and leukaemias in rats, Aspartame is a leukaemogenic compound. This article generated a public warning from the Center for Science in the Public Interest in July 2005, "Aspartame: New Study Renews Cancer Concern", Says CSPI. One point of the report that was interesting" The smallest amount of aspartame (20 milligrams per kilogram of body weight) that caused a significant increase in cancer incidence is in the ballpark of what many people consume."(WOW!)

I hope this will give you more information in helping you prevent these condition and diseases. See Ya.

Marc Delgadillo, D.C. is a Chiropractor practicing in Casper.

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