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Around Our Town...Our Cover Family

The Dustin and Carrie Windle Family

10/01/2005 - "May I speak to your mother now?"

"No...I have just one more word."

"Okay. What's the word?"

"They're best parents I could ever have!"

The above interchange took place over the phone between Our Town Casper and five-year-old Jacob Windle. "How to describe Jacob...he's full of life...keeps me on my toes...I guess I'd call him Mr. Mischievious," says the "best mom", Carrie Windle. "He likes to play outside and play with Legos," she continues, "and he's really enjoying school this year."

Dustin Windle, the above described "best dad", was born and raised in Casper. His wife, Carrie, says she "couldn't ask for a better husband...He's completely devoted to us. He's perfect for our family...I think God put him in this family." Dustin works as a nurse in the Emergency Room at Wyoming Medical Center while Carrie stays home with their three children.

Big sis, Sarah, is described by her mother as, "the most loving little girl...She's my 'little mom'...always there to give a helping hand when I need it." It's mutual admiration as Sarah describes her mom as "a good cook and a really great mom!"

Not to be ignored is 17-month-old Ethan, a lovable and very social little boy who loves to give kisses.

The family has a Queensland-heeler mix puppy and an Austrailian sugar glider.

They recently sold their pet llama.

Thanks for being our cover family, Windles. You guys are great!

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