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Around Our Town...Casper's Cool Kids

Hannah Becker, Sarah Clayson, and Kit Washut

10/01/2005 - "One of the things Hannah's dad and I enjoy about our oldest daughter, is that she puts her whole heart into everything she loves! We constantly hear her singing, LOUDLY, the beautiful music of "The Phantom of the Opera". At dinner, we are often treated, with flair, to the latest French phrases she learned at school! Van Gogh and Monet "paintings" sprinkle the walls in her room and on her door...we never know what we will learn from her next!" exclaimes Cathy Becker.

Obviously proud of her "cool kid", Cathy continues: "Even though Hannah dreams of being an artist of some kind one day, we are glad that she enjoys living on, and is helpful around, the farm we moved to two years ago. It was a huge transition for all of us, but Hannah has been a wonderful help to her dad and me...always willing to drive the truck to move irrigation pipe or walk the field with her sisters to turn over hay bales. With goats, chickens, horses, dogs, cats, ducks and two younger sisters to tend to, many things happen around here that aren't very romantic! Hannah often keeps us laughing in the midst of it all!"

"Hannah really enjoys volunteering at the Trails Center with her sister Hollie and Sarah Clayson. She has had many wonderful experiences and received several awards for what she's been a part of but the true benefit, Hannah believes, she has received from volunteering comes from the connection she's been able to make with perfect strangers, foreign, handicapped, young and old."

"Hannah joined a group of Wyoming kids this summer who spent a week doing "improvements" to the town of Encampment. Even though the work was hard, knowing that she helped make a difference for the very gracious people in that town made it all worth while. Hannah has a very warm, giving heart, loves life, her family and the Lord, really enjoys making people happy and has always been a joy to her dad and me!" Cathy concludes.

Also volunteering at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center (for three years) is "cool kid" Sarah Clayson. Volunteering with her friends at the center is one of her favorite activities. Sarah says she "loves to teach people about the history of Wyoming and the trails that went through here". As part of her volunteer work at the center Sarah dresses up in historic (1850s) costume, does presentations, and guides visitors through the galleries. Sarah started the Casper Kids Trails Team with Hannah and Hollie Becker. Her duties as part of the team include helping to plan, coordinate, and teach other kids the history of this area. The girls received the Junior OCTA (Oregon California Trails Association) Award, the Wyoming Historical Society Historical Award and the Natrona County Historical Society Junior Activities Award for their work on the Casper Kids Trails Team.

Sarah enjoys researching historical clothing. She has sewn 1850s trail clothing, including aprons, bonnets, dresses and undergarments. She loves creative design, plays piano, and plays trumpet and French horn in school band. Sarah kayaks the river in summer and skis in the winter.

Sarah is working on the Wyoming Congressional Award (Bronze Medal). She also traveled to Encampment, Wyoming this summer and painted an historic building. She also painted benches, made signs, etc., to improve/preserve the place.

Our Town Casper's third featured "cool kid" is Kit Washut. Like so many young folks today, Kit is extremely busy. Some of Kit's many activities include volunteering at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center, community service with her church youth group, playing the flute and singing with her church youth choir playing her flute with the District Summer Marching Band (she also auditioned on flute for a position in the Casper Youth Philharmonic Band, and was accepted), playing piano having taken lessons for five years, bowling for Jason's Friends, participating as a member of Eastside Junior High Cross-Country Track Team for two seasons and participating with Centennial Junior High Track and Field Team last spring, working as a candidate for the Congressional Award Bronze Medal, participating as a member of the Teen Book and Discussion Club through the Natrona County Public Library, helping her grandmother with cleaning and laundry one afternoon each week, and helping her mom with her three younger siblings. WHEW! And that's not all! Her hobbies include babysitting for her favorite four-year-old twins, Shaun and Peyton, reading, scrap-booking, stamping, sewing, cooking, and other handi-crafts.

Girls, you make us proud (and TIRED!)...Thanks for all you do for our community.

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