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10/01/2005 - It may be that Dorothy said it best in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" when she repeated over and over 'there is no place like home.' That is the sentiment of most people when needing healthcare. Home health is the answer for people who need support and professional intervention in order to remain in or return to their home following an injury or illness.

On November 19 Interim HealthCare will celebrate its fourteenth anniversary. The organization was founded in 1991 by Brenda Mosher. Having been a nurse and home health care provider in other areas of the country; Brenda recognized the need for this service in Casper when her family relocated to Casper. The company was founded on the belief that people deal best with illness or disability when they are in the comfort of home and surrounded by people who care for them. The company began by providing temporary staffing personnel and basic personal care for clients in Natrona and Converse Counties. Today they provide basic home health care as well as skilled nursing and therapy services. Social workers manage the care of long-term clients. Home health aides and companions offer care and support to those

in need of day-to-day care. The Interim Staffing division provides healthcare personnel across the state of Wyoming, giving facilities the opportunity to employ Wyoming nurses to fill temporary and full time positions. This is beneficial in keeping Wyoming talent working in Wyoming.

Interim HealthCare has a legacy of being progressive and offering the latest care options to their clients. In 2003 Interim introduced Telemedicine to Wyoming. Telemedicine is a means by which vital signs and other health information is collected daily and the information made available to the nurses in the office. This allows for rapid response to changes in condition.

On September 8, 2005 Wizzard Software purchased Interim HealthCare of Wyoming, Inc. Wizzard is a company experienced is software development with particular success in the use of voice recognition technology. They aspire to bring their technological expertise to the home care industry. Wizzard produces the "talking bottle" – a prescription drug container that is able to say what the medication is in the container and when is should be taken. The purchase of Interim HealthCare is the first step in developing other products for helping people stay safe in their homes. All day-to-day operations will remain the same to reach the goal of introducing new technology without interrupting present services.

Medicare and Medicaid certify Interim HealthCare as a provider of care. For additional information contact our office at 266-1152 for home care or 473-5569 for employment opportunities.

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