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Around Our Town...Outstanding Educators

Shawn Weis Band Director, Natrona County High School

10/01/2005 - "The more I learned about music the more I became enthralled with it. It changed my life. I wanted to provide that for others," Shawn Weis says, describing his motivation for becoming a music teacher. He explains that it thrills him to hear his students describe music as their "passion". He loves seeing each student achieve all that is possible for them and watching them enjoy it. His greatest reward as an educator is "helping that come true for them."

Shawn goes on to relate that his greatest challenge as an educator is "trying to provide what each student needs individually...giving them what they want and need from the class." He says there is a lot of potential in the students in Casper. "It's a fairly untapped resource."

"We feel very fortunate to have Shawn come back to us as Band Director – he was a student here," says Principal Brad Stutheit. "He has dedicated himself to the position and I see only good things in the future for our band program."

Shawn met his wife, Amanda (who happens to be the Band Director for CY Junior High) in college in Greeley, where he earned his Bachelors of Applied Science in Music Education. The young couple is in their third year of marriage. Shawn is a new "proud papa" as of August 11th when his daughter, Allie Elizabeth, was born. "It's the greatest thing that ever happened to me!" he beams.

"Shawn is very dedicated," Amanda says. "He's always working to find new and fun ways to teach his students."

Shawn was born and raised in Casper (with a short interlude in Beaumont, Texas) and has multigenerational family ties here. He says he was inspired by all his music teachers throughout his educational years, particularly Joe Rulli (his junior high band director), Greg Paulson (his high school band director), and Bill Pfund (his trumpet professor and mentor).

Music is a powerful influence in our lives. Thanks, Shawn, for sharing your talent and your love with the students of our community. We appreciate you!

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