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Around Our Town...Business Spotlight

303 Restaurant

09/01/2005 - "It takes the customer where they want to be...It's their oasis," sales manager Jennifer Fowler says, referring to the atmosphere of fabulous 303 Restaurant. Casper diners are assured of a very special dining experience in choosing 303.

Always tantalizing and exceptionally well prepared, the food is fresh and delicious. Chef Gegi Scott and sous chef Rhett Songer take great pains to serve only the best. The menu changes every six weeks because, "as an independent restaurant, we can" offer unique menu items seasonally thereby providing the freshest ingredients. Consequently each dining experience is special.

This philosophy caries over into 303's wonderful catering business. "We don't have a set catering menu. We develop a special menu suited to the individual occasion. We want each event to be special," Jennifer explains.

Owner Serge d'Elia opened 303 on December 17, 2004 in fullfillment of a long standing dream. It seems whatever Serge puts his hand to he accomplishes in a big way. He was top salesman nationwide when he sold insurance. He has also been involved in real estate and owns Casper Rental Agency.

Serge and his wife, Lilian, moved to Casper 18 years ago along with son, Josh, because he was "a very big Republican" Serge loves the community and the open spaces.

Creativity abounds at 303, not only in the multitude of gourmet selections available, but also in the programs, such as the Dine Around program featuring the Pacific in September, the Caribbean in October, South America in November and finishing the year with North America in December. The back-to-school program features Painted Past bringing a clue game for diners to enjoy. For a romantic evening, consider the

dinner and a movie program.

303 is not a club, as some suppose, but does offer a free VIP program to the first 200 who choose to participate. For details on each of these and other special programs, call 233-4303.

Attire ranges from jeans and shorts to very dressy. Gentlemen, remove your hats and avoid t-shirts with vulgar messages.

303 is located at (where else?) 303 S. Wolcott in downtown Casper. For reservations or information call 233-4303

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