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Let's Look in the Mirror

08/01/2005 - I've had people tell me how much they enjoy reading my articles and I've enjoyed listening to how they have used some of the information in improving their health. They encourage me to continue these articles, even asking me to write on subjects that will certainly raise some eyebrows. At first I was reluctant , but I think it is good that we should discuss issues, even if it means we have to be defensive, or at worst, accountable (ouch!).

For openers, I recently read that people were not buying into healthy choice menus that are offered. This is sad. Yet is it the restaurant or fast food establishment's fault? No. We, the consumers, are the ones who are guilty and it's our own fault. We bought into the snake-oil-like scam when we were gullible enough to believe that the food we are consuming, with it's ultra-processed multi-chemical additive ingredients would not have any effects. We are even now told about how bad it could be, but we keep marching in (or going through the drive through) and consuming this stuff. So we pay the consequences resulting in obesity, the development of heart disease, cancer and other health problems. What's even scarier is that is not just from eating out, but also from what we are buying at the supermarket, for example, microwave meals.

We shake our heade at those individuals who fall off the wagon, whether it is smoking, drinking or drugs; we even legislate against these offensive habits. Yet we go merrily along in our ignorance, abusing our own bodies. I, myself, struggle with these issues, my blood chemistry is nor perfect and I am not the only health professional with this problem.

I recently read a comment from an official from a school district in another state (though this state could apply) referring to the importance of children making healthy food choices. The problem with that statement is that if we complain that our children can't make appropriate fashion choices, how do we expect them to make healthy food choices? Also, if we as parents cannot educate our children on healthy food, then we must wxpect them to carry their bad habits to school. (I feel we should give them a choice: "Mary, your choices are raw broccoli or steamed." This is a healthy choice.)

With a new school year approaching, I encourage you to do some studying on what you are eating and begin implemening new healthy habits. It won't be easy, but I encourage you to do this for yourselves and your children. It is something I will continue to work on in my home.

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