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The Old House Restaurant

08/01/2005 - Concerned about what kind of quality nutrition you might be receiving? Our Town Casper recommends The Old House Restaurant, whose owner/cook, Terri Metcalf shops in many Caper stores every day for the perfect ingredients. "We don't use vendors. I like to keep more quality control than that." This is easy to tell when you sample Terri's home-cooked meals. She's had customers comment, "I thought I was the best at making that dish unttil I tried yours!"

Terri was inspired to open The Old House Restaurant when she lived in San Francisco, where there was a street of old homes that had been converted to restaurants. Her family had been encouraging her to start one herself. Terri decided to move to Casper for this new venture because of family and says, "It's a lot like where I grew up in Kennewick, Washington. Most people think Washington is green and wet, but I grew up in a desert. Kennewick is near where the Snake and Columbia rivers join. We would have horrendous sandstorms. I remember once we had a particularly bad one in the middle of the night. When we woke up, there was pretty much no front yard."

The Old House Restaurant celebrated it's grand opening on January 15, 1995, Terri and her family (husband, Dennis Metcalf and daughter, Brandee Bushnell), having put much work into decorating the place and giving it the atmosphere of a cozy country cottage.

Sunday Brunch at The Old House Restaurant offers top notch breakfasts, including omelettes, many varieties of quiche, hazelnut french toast, pineapple stuffed pancakes and the Old House Eye Opener.

For lunch on weekdays many hot and cold sandwiches are available not to mention Terri's untoppable soups and salads.

The Old House Restaurant is also involved in many charities, including Bubbles, Bobbles and Beans, The Chocolate festival for Alzheimers and offers a gift certificates to St. Anthony's and The Golf Tournament for the Heart Association.

Thanks, Terri, for everything you do in our community and for the great food!

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