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About Our Cover Family: Randy and Erin Wesnitzer, daughter Alyssa and son, Garret

08/01/2005 - Randy Wesnitzer has lived in Casper off and on most of his life. He and his wife, Erin, both graduated from the University of Wyoming. Randy is Clinical Director of the Pharmacy Department at Wyoming Medical Center.

Erin, a registered nurse, is a full-time homeschooling mom. "We homeschool our children," Randy says, "because no teacher can reach our children's hearts or love our children more than we do." Erin works one weekend per month with Dr. Tichenor at Casper Dermatology Clinic and serves as the on-call nurse for Kid's Works.

The family enjoys the rich variety of outdoor activities the Casper area affords, such as backpacking, hunting, biking, and staying up on the mountain in Randy's mother's cabin. They all own compound bows and enjoy archery together as a family.

Seven year old Alyssa plays violin and is an avid reader. Garret (age 5) enjoys trucks and working with tools. (He even has his own set of real tools!) Both Alyssa and Garret enjoy tumbling.

Thanks for gracing our cover, Wesnitzers. We're glad you're

part of our community!

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