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Around Our Town...Outstanding Educators

07/01/2005 - "Casper is very fortunate to have the college. It is a wonderful resource...to have a school of that quality in town," says Ron Alexander, faculty member for 23 years. "Casper is a wonderful place to work and live...way beyond my hopes and aspirations!"

Ron first came to Casper as Music Minister for First Southern Baptist Church on June 6, 1979. He was singing with the symphony when he received a phone call from Casper College requesting help. Faculty member Russel Schwedja had been diagnosed with cancer. Ron was ideally suited, having earned his master's degree in music (specializing in voice) from the University of North Texas.

When asked about his greatest challenge as an educator, Ron reflects a moment before responding: "The students come to the educational experience from a tremendous variety of backgrounds...finding out where the students are and meeting their educational needs can be challenging."

He has an easier time responding when addressing the greatest reward as an educator: "...to see them learn, grow, and fulfill their dreams."

Of Casper, Ron says he loves the western environment, likes the weather, fishing, hunting, the small town "feel", the proximity to national park systems (especially Yellowstone), the mountain, and the overall quality of life.

Ron and Gail, his wife of 35 years, both retired on May 16, 2005 after 23 "wonderful" years as faculty at Casper College. Gail, who holds a master's in communications, taught communications, began the Forensics Program at Casper College and served as the director of the International Student Organization on campus.

Their son, Curby, will be pursuing his doctorate in educational technology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. His wife, Gina, will be studying for her doctorate in nursing at the same time. Daughter, Katie is in her third year on Capital Hill serving as legislative aide to Senator Craig Thomas.

Thanks, Ron, for your contribution to our community. Our Town Casper wishes you the very best in your


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