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It's business as usual ...Downtown!

06/01/2005 - While progress happens in the form of new road construction and updated infrastructure, Casper's downtown businesses have created a busier-than-usual schedule of events and promotions to make your visits downtown worth the trip!

"Take a 2nd Look" is the title of an ongoing promotion represented by...construction hats! Down-town businesses are sponsoring construction hats that each come with a variety of gifts or certificates attached to them. To win these hats you simply enter drawings at a variety of participating businesses. If your name is drawn you not only win the hat and the attached prizes, but you are entered into a drawing from which will emerge two big winners with even bigger prizes awarded.

A variety of street performers...musicians, dancers, street musicians, artists, artisans, jugglers and entertainers of all types are being sought to liven up the sidewalks throughout the summer. If you have talents you'd like to share, contact Cory at 233-8436.

Coming mid-summer is the traditional Crazy Days Sale with special discounts and promotions from merchants all over the downtown area.

The Taste of Downtown will feature foods from a variety of Casper eateries. This event is Thursday, Sept. 22 from 5:30 to 8:30 on downtown streets and will include a live band.

The new angle parking on Center St. is easier than ever and the downtown businesses welcome you to "Take a 2nd Look" at Downtown Casper!

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