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Care Net Pregnancy and Resource Clinic

05/01/2005 - Casper's Care Net Pregnancy and Resource Clinic will celebrate it's grand reopening with an open house on Saturday June 4 from 11 to 3 at which time it will function officially as a medical clinic under OB/GYN Doctor Sam Scaling with a licenced clinical nurse.

Limited ultrasound scans will be offered to clients who have a positve pregnancy test with a suspected gestation of 6 to 20 weeks with the express purpose of confirming a viable intrauterine pregnancy. Similar clinics around the nation are finding that 70 to 90% of women choose life instead of abortion after seeing a picture of their unborn child on the ultrasound monitor.

Other services provided by the clinic include: free pregnancy tests, abortion education and alternatives, adoption information and support, community referrals, post-abortion support, abstinence/STD information, diapers and formula on a emergency needs basis, and parenting support such as the highly successful Mommy and Me Program.

The Mommy and Me Program grew out of a desire to have a more long term relationship with clients perhaps making a bigger impact on their lives. The target client for the Mommy and Me Program is a woman in her first time pregnancy up to age 21, although these parameters are not exclusive.

Clients involved in the Mommy and Me Program have the opportunity to earn rewards by going through the program, such as $75 gift certificates or something they need for the baby. They are educated concerning various options. (ie adoption services, parenting education, etc)

Volunteer opportunitys abound at the clinic including everything from office support and maintenance, to counseling and intervention services. Anyone intrested in volunteering should contact Nicole Ziehl at 473-2273.

The mission of the clinic is to reach out to the unborn child and mother and those they influence with the life changing love of Jesus Christ. The women for whom life circumstances can pressure her into believing that abortion is her only option will benefit greatly from the various services offered by the clinic.

The advisory board members are Doctor Drew Woodward, Mr. Keith Nachbar, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crull, Mrs. Joni Kumor, Mrs. Suzy True, Doctor Sam Scaling, Mr. Bob Brechtal, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Burridge, and Mrs. Suzy McMurry.

The board of directors include David Kalinowski (President), John Lutz (Vice President), Lara Jacobs (Secretary), Erin Wesnitzer (Treasurer), Rick Fisher, Sherrie Lewis, Cody Howe, Carter Braxton, and the Director, Terry Winship.

Contact information for the clinic is as follows: (307) 473-CARE (2273)

(800) 395-HELP


1746 S. Poplar, P.O. Box 2346

Casper, Wyoming 82602

Thank you Care Net Pregnancy and Resource Clinic for making a difference in so many lives in our community.

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