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05/01/2005 - Inc. Magazine rates Casper #3...again!

By Casper Area Economic Development Alliance

It's not easy to move from #3 on a list UP to #3, but that's exactly what happened to Casper. Inc. Magazine's listing of "25 Best Places To Do Business" again ranked Casper #3 in its May 2005 issue.

Last year Casper was #3 in the magazine's first-ever survey, with communities grouped by size. Casper was included among small metro areas having up to 150,000 jobs. In the current survey, all 274 metro areas were compared together, and Casper again showed up as #3. Reno NV was ranked #1 and Boise ID #2.

Criteria for the rankings remained essentially the same. Current year employment growth, three-year annual average job growth, and diversity among employment sectors were compared using Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

"This ranking is particularly significant, given the entrepreneur readership demographic of Inc. Magazine," said Chris Manegold, President of the Casper Area Economic Development Alliance (CAEDA). "As we continue to promote the image of Casper and the State of Wyoming as the most business-friendly location in the country, Inc. Magazine's recognition is an important validation of our message."

During the past year, Casper and Wyoming have received top recognition in other national surveys, including:

Casper: #1 Small Metro Area for Cost of Doing Business among 168 "Best Small Places"

- Forbes.com, May 2004

Casper: 5-Star Quality of Life Community

- Expansion Management Magazine, March 2005

Casper: Lowest Taxed City (among 101 surveyed in all 50 States)

- Kiplinger Personal Finance, July 2004

Wyoming: #3 Most Business Friendly State

- Small Business Survival Index, October 2004

Wyoming: #5 among Top 10 Pro-Business States for 2004

- Pollina Corporate Real Estate

"CAEDA has promoted these rankings aggressively to new business prospects, site location consultants, business publications and other key contacts. But it's also very important that local companies recognize the excellent business climate we enjoy," Manegold commented. "Our resident companies are typically the best source of new jobs in our community year in and year out. They are the primary reason for the Inc. Magazine recognition."

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