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Central Wyoming Optometric Center

05/01/2005 - Dr. Deon K. Zeitner, Central Wyoming Optometric Center

"I enjoy what I do. It's more than just a job. We take the time to care," Dr. Deon K. Zeitner of Central Wyoming Optometric Center relates.

Patient Henrietta Manning knows this is true. "I just can't say enough good about them," she says. "I have received the utmost quality of care!"

The thirty-five year practice was purchased by Dr. Zeitner eleven years ago. This will always be home," notes the Casper native, who describes himself as a "very family oriented person."

He and wife, Nancy, will celebrate their twenty-second wedding anniversary June eleventh and are blessed with five children [Felicia (18), Daniel (14), Joseph and Kendall (10-year-old twins), and Malea (8)]

State-of-the-art eyecare services include comprehensive eye exams for any age, senior care, diabetes (as it affects the eye), blood pressure (as it affects the eye), cataracts, glaucoma, etc. "We see a lot of children . . . we specialize in children, specifically in regard to learning disabilities or eye tracking/eye muscle problems such as crossed eyes or lazy eyes." Dr. Zeitner says. The Center offers a full range of glasses, (light, thin, polarized, no-lines, lines, name-brand frames), and every kind of contact lense (colored, bifocal, disposables, etc.).

Reaching out to the community and surrounding area, Dr. Zeitner and staff travel to nursing homes to perform eye exams for patients and have a satellite office in Glenrock on Tuesdays at the Glenrock Health Center.

A variety of insurances are accepted and new patients are welcome. Contact them at: (307) 235-3144

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