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Wyoming Osteoporosis Center


940 East Third St. Ste. 106

Casper, WY 82601

Phone 307-577-4276 Fax 307-577-4278

May is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month. Osteoporosis is a disease that affects a persons' bone density. It can cause higher risk for fractures and can be fatal. In October of 2004 the United States Attorney General came out with the first report on Osteoporosis. It stated that by the year 2020 50% of Americans over the age of 50 will have weak bones unless we make changes to our diet and life style. Calcium, vitamin D and physical activity is essential in maintaining and improving bone health. There are several risk factors that determine if a person is susceptible to osteoporosis. The factors include: being female, Caucasian or Asian, post-menopausal, small, family history, certain medications (steroids and anticovulsants) excessive alcohol use, and history of smoking. It is important for everyone to take these factors into consideration and determine if they are a candidate for a bone density test.

Wyoming Osteoporosis Center is the place to find information concerning this disease. Wyoming Osteoporosis Center opened the doors to the bone density facility in September of 1997. Wyoming Osteoporosis Center is in the field of measuring bone mineral density. Bone mineral density is tested by using a low density radiation DXA-scan machine. The test is one of the simplest around and no special preparation is needed. This test is non-invasive and the low dose of radiation makes it safe for everyone to participate. This test (DXA) lets the doctor know how strong the patient's bones are so they can asses their risk for fractures. The radiation technologist scans the lower lumbar spine and hip. The machine houses the capability of testing the forearm and vertebral fracture assessment. The machine can also measure body composition (percentage of body fat to muscle ratio).

Everyone involved in Wyoming Osteoporosis Center keeps up on all the latest drugs, equipment and recommendations that go along with this complex disease. The staff at Wyoming Osteoporosis Center is proud of the fact that they employ the only Technologist in Wyoming who is registered in bone densitometry. That person is Jan Klassen RT. (R) (M) (CDT) (BD). Jan and Rita Elmore, the office manager, have worked for Wyoming Osteoporosis Center since September of 1997. Sherri Jones RT (R) (CDT), who received her certification in bone densitometry in September 2004, and Amanda Crowe RT (R) also work at Wyoming Osteoporosis Center. Each staff member has had extensive training and testing in the area of bone health and the running of DXA equipment.

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