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Around Our Town...Ask the Decorator - NOT ALL FRAMERS ARE CREATED EQUAL !!!

04/01/2005 - When it comes to decorating our homes, most of us look for and seek out not only the best price, but also the best quality. Whether it's paint for our walls, furniture for our rooms, or our accents pieces, we all go to a specific store for that item. Not many of us would go to a hardware store in search of that one of a kind leather couch, nor would we walk into a furniture store for the right can of paint. So why go to a place that doesn't deal specifically in custom framing to have your artwork framed?

Custom framing means exactly that, "Custom", meaning to create or design a product that is unique in nature and fits your particular lifestyle. The crucial part of custom framing is the expertise of the framer to select the best mat and frame combinations for your print, photo, canvas, stitchery, etc., while gathering information about your likes and dislikes in design. You obviously purchased a piece because it evoked an emotion of peace, tranquility or admiration. Now it is time to finish what the artist started.

Poor color choices, design and materials can not only destroy the beauty of any artwork, but also the value. Whether the piece has been purchased for investment purposes or enjoyment, the goal in custom framing is to enhance the beauty and preserve it for your enjoyment in the years to come.

When you visit a frame shop for the first time, look at the framed pieces on the wall. Does the framing enhance the piece? Ask questions. How long have you been in business? What type of materials do you use in your framing? Can you explain the difference in mats? I want to preserve my piece, what is the best way to achieve this? What are the different types of glass? Last, but not least, do you guarantee your work?

The first indication that you may be in the wrong shop for framing is when you are asked to pick out the mats and frame. This is an indication that the people working there are not qualified to do the best framing for your piece. Remember, in any custom design, the experience and expertise of the designer will determine how well the project looks upon completion.

While design and color are extremely important aspects in custom framing, the inner workings of the framing are just as important. The use of the wrong materials will not only lower the quality you are paying for, but ruin the piece all together. The right mats, glass, backing and frame are things only a true custom framer can explain. In my next article I will begin to discuss what these differences really are and why they are so important.

We all want to be proud of our homes. It gives us a sense of pride when someone compliments us on our selection of artwork. Our purpose as Custom Framers is to give you a product that completes your homes design decor and contributes to your overall pride and comfortable feeling in your home.

Feel free to email us at woodyg@coffey.com with any questions.

Article written by:

Kay Boehms & Lara Taylor

Woody G's Gallery

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