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Around Our Town...Business Spotlight Cherished Linens and Home Decor

04/01/2005 - When mother, Mari Riggs, and daughters, Marci Brunette and Lacy Peterson decided to start a business in town, they sought to meet a need. "We were just trying to find out what Casper was missing", Lacy explains.

We decided to open on the west side because we recognized a need for more business to spread out in the community," Marci adds.

Cherished Linens and Home Decor opened for business at the corner of CY and Wyoming Blvd. in Casper February 12th.

Elegant, with a continental flavor aptly describes the store's inventory, which includes bed linens, comforters, Duvets, mouth-blown-hand-crafted glass from Romania, Thymes Bath Product and Lotions, tapestries, tea sets (also, tea sets for children) Tea Forte', candles, throws, pillows, pottery, table linens, water mist aromatherapies, books, and more. "Everything's unique", says Marci.

"We weren't too worried about the quantity we were just focused on the quality of the pieces," Lacy adds.

For those searching for that "just right" wedding gift, check out the Bridal Registry and be sure to mention it to your favorite bride-to-be, especially as wedding season approaches.

Dad, Wayne Riggs (owner of Talon Excavation, Inc.) has been married to Mari for 35 years. They have two other daughters, Darci and Tracy.

When asked what it's like to work with their mother, Lacy says, "She's so sweet and loving," then adds with a mischievous smile, "and she breaks things in the store."

Quick to her mother's defense, Marci adds, "I think I've broken more things than she has. She's been really helpful and supportive."

Add a touch of elegance to your home by visiting them at 3861 Denis Drive (corner of CY and Wyoming Blvd.) Monday though Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 12-4. Or, telephone them at 266-2170.

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