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Around Our Town...Casper's Cool Kids

Katie, Micah, Luke, AnnaRose and John Dierenfeldt
03/01/2005 - Question:

Why do you...

Shovel walks for elderly neighbors and others?

Babysit at church and home?

Help your dad on the job by doing extra things?

Go up on the mountain to clean the highway?

Visit at the hospital and make cards?

Cut up firewood for neighbors and friends and deliver it?

Help neighbors whenever you see they are in need?

Adopt a grandma in town (raking her leaves, trimming her bushes, shoveling her

walk, mowing her grass, visiting her weekly and playing games with her)?


"It's rewarding to see them smile and know how much they appreciate it," says Katie Dierenfeldt.

For Katie (age 13) and her four siblings [John (15), Anna Rose (12), Micah (10) and Luke (7)], giving is a way of life – something their parents have always taught. "I appreciate their willingness. We love helping others as a family and just doing things together," Mom (Cathy Dierenfeldt) says.

"Grandma Dotty" (Dorothy McConaughey) tells us, "I just can't say enough nice about them. They are wonderful children. They are so well adjusted. They have so many intrests and activities yet they have time for an "old lady".

"They 'adopted' me and I 'adopted' them. I have no grandchildren of my own so I'm very happy to have these!" The Dierenfeldts met "Grandma Dotty" while working with their Dad, who was doing some remolding work at her home.

The Dierenfeldts are a home schooling family. "It's really nice to have your mom for your teacher," Katie beams.

Dad (John Dierenfeldt) grew up in Medicine Bow and attended Bow Basin High School and the University of Wyoming. He went on to Northland Baptist Bible College and completed his Masters of Divinity at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. "We try to set in their hearts a heart for the Lord above everything else. We believe a good citizen stems from that. There's probably nobody I'd rather work with or be with (other than their mom)."

Thanks guys, for giving to our community!

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