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Around Our Town...Business Spotlight

03/01/2005 - In the mood fer some good, ol-fashioned cowboy cookin'? You'll find just that and more at the Broken Spur Cafe. Just around the last hairpin turn on Casper Mountain Road it's a cozy mountain oasis for chilly travelers. Snowmobile or Nordic Ski right to the door.

With it's charming, rustic atmosphere, Casper residents will enjoy a delightful dining experience. The cafe offers a wide variety of meals to tantalize tastebuds.

Try the Spur Signature T-bone steak, bacon wrapped fillet mignon, fantail shrimp and steak, or trout for dinner. Or sample Chef Specialties such as Portabella Ravioli, Enchilada Dinner, Prime Rib, or Salmon Limone.

For lunch, enjoy a mini retreat in the middle of a busy day. Try delicious Weekly Roundup specials such as honey battered chicken, beef stew, pork chops, chicken fried steak, meat loaf, chili, or the variety of sandwiches and burgers.

Are you a morning person? Consider one of the Mountain Favorite egg combinations, or the variety of omlettes, pancakes, or waffles. Join us on Sundays from 8 A.M. To 1 P.M. for our Mountain Splendor Pancakes, such as the "Ranger" (rich brown chocolate pieces) or perhaps the Pumpkin Spice "Stallion" (Grandma's original) or choose from many other varieties. Top with warm apples and cinnamon, cranberries, strawberries, apricots, peaches, cherries, 100% Pure Maple Syrup, Blueberry Syrup and more.

Owner Dan Buckley says he wants "to be and asset to this community." He grew up in Casper and always had a fondness for the particular property. Formely the Mountaineer Mercantile, and before that the Wa-Wa Lodge, the cabin itself has a rich history. Dan plans to open a country store in the cabin on the property.

To give a small "taste" of the friendly atmosphere, a quote from Roy Rodgers is printed on the menu: "A stranger is just a friend that I've never met." Dan doesn't want anyone to feel like a stranger when they walk through the door. Here's a poem he chose for the back of the menu:

Podner, yo're welcome

To such as we've got --

The leaks in the roof --

An' the beans in the pot --

The butter that's soft --

An' the bunks that are hard --

The weeds that are growin'

All over the yard

Get up when yo're ready

Be plum at your ease --

Don't worry 'bout us

Just do as yuh please --

Yuh don't have to thank us

Or laff at our jokes --

Sit deep an' come often --

Yo're one of the folks

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