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02/01/2005 - Bosco's Italian Restaurante

Have you ever had a drink in a goldfish bowl? With neon fish swimming around in your drink?

How about some choice, milk-fed veal, sauteed in a rich mushroom Marsala wine sauce? Breast of chicken, in lemon, butter and caper sauce, with a touch of wine?

Orrr...a half-pound burger hand-made from fresh ground chuck and served on a baguette of French bread. Not to mention every kind of Italian specialty entree accompanied by soup (noodles made from scratch by Grandma, of course), salad with a delectable house Italian dressing, and crisp, hot garlic bread. Top it all off with Cannoli, Spumoni, Cheesecake, or a Pizzelle sundae, if you dare.

The setting? None other than Bosco's Italian Restaurante, where the atmosphere is charming, and the folks are friendly.

"If they're not happy when they get here, we want them to be happy when they leave," relates owner, Susan Bosco. "That's our biggest goal"

Susan was born and raised in Casper. She is an animal lover and proud provider for four dogs, three cats, four parrots, and the multiple residence of two fish tanks. The parrots all talk. One feathered friend says, "Mommy, Mommy, come here."

"Just a minute," Susan responds.

"No, right now," he demands.

Another parrot serenades, "My bologna has a first name...That's amore"

When asked about other hobbies, Susan answers simply, "Flowers, flowers, flowers."

She is charmed by the children of Casper who rush into the kitchen to get hugs and made-from-scratch home style noodles. "They like to sit on the counter and watch me cook," she relates, with a twinkle in her eye. Susan told one young visitor, "Your so yummy, I could just eat you."

"Don't put me in the oven," the child nervously replied.

Every Monday night the whole family gathers at Susan's house and, "We don't do Italian."

"We share about our week." Among the busy family members is son, Jeremy Bosco, owner of Farmers Insurance Agency.

Bosco's celebrated it's thirty year anniversary January 5th and has seen second, and even third generations of families dine there regulary.

"I would like to thank my mom, Nada Mason, for the thousands of noodles that she's made for me, and also, for always being my sounding board.

Also, my kids, Jeremy and Brenda and my daughter, Tami for always helping out at a moment's notice. And my grandkids, Jesse and Jamie for spending all of their school vacations helping at Bosco's!! :) Then, last but certainly not least, my husband, Rick who shows up every night to help me clean and close up. You are all dear to my heart!!" :)

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