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02/01/2005 - Pets vs. Your Floors

It's a common problem in today's households. Our pets, loved and treated just as one of the family; none of us could imagine life without them. But MAN! Do they wreak havoc on our floors and carpets. You want change, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on that new carpet only to have your beloved puppy drag in the whole back yard.

Well there is hope!

Most of today's carpets and rugs have been engineered with amazing stain resistant qualities that, with the appropriate care and vacuuming, allow the carpet to remain in excellent condition for years. However, it is best to stay away from light tones such as whites and tans. Instead, go for some more "dirt friendly" tones such as earthy browns or multicolored tweeds. Also, choose a dense, low-pile carpet rather than a loose-woven plush. A low-pile is less likely to get snagged by claws and vacuums much more easily.

And don't rule out the beauty of hardwood. You would be amazed at how well hardwood floors hold up to the beating of your furry friends. New, improved sealers with products such as Teflon, now enable hardwood to hold up much longer and thus need to be sanded a lot less often.

Today's laminates are also a good bet. Made of tough, durable materials, many carry a guarantee that last 10 years or more and come in a variety of tones such as Australian Cyprus and Redwood. Laminates an appearance so real that it's difficult distinguish from that of hardwood.

As far as maintenance of any wood floor, well it really isn't as bad as it once was. There are so many different types of vacuums and mops designed just for hardwoods and laminates that it can be hard decide. Plus when you consider the fact that you can simply wipe up that muddy paw print and sweep away the dirt, these types of floors become more and more appealing.

Check with your local flooring dealer for the best match to your home. Many are happy to come in and give you a bid on cost. Armed with the appropriate choice for your home, it won't be long before both you and you beloved "Buffy" are enjoying the appearance of a brand new floor!

Article written by Lara Taylor of WOODY G'S GALLERY AND FRAME SHOP. Please forward any decorating questions to woodyg@coffey.com

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