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Around Our Town...Casper's Cool Kids

01/01/2005 - What makes Michael Loveland a "cool kid"? Let's see . . .

Maybe it's the fact that he saved his dad's life last summer. Michael and his father, Ron, were on a fishing trip in Alaska when their boat capsized, causing an oar to strike Ron on the head. Ron, who doesn't swim, was unable to get his footing. Michael managed to bring his dad to safety, but sadly, Ron's favorite Burlington Northern hat didn't make it.

Maybe it's the way Michael saved one hundred dollars and donated all of it to help Keiko, the killer whale from the movie Free Willy. He was only eight at the time.

It could be the fact that he served as a mentor in the eighth and ninth grades, or the time he bowled to benefit the Jason's Friends foundation, or the time he volunteered to help with the annual garage sale to raise money for the Humane Society . . . or the fact that he's organizing a group of World Changers to work for Habitat for Humanity.

Perhaps it's his grades, which earned him a place on the honor roll, a National Honor Society membership, and listing in Who's Who of American High School Students. It could be the presidential award and certificate that he earned in the sixth grade, or the title of student of the month he earned last year.

All very cool, but it doesn't stop there. You haven't heard about Michael's musical talents, which he showcased in the all city band last year, and choirs at school and church.

And what about Michael's athletic abilities? After all, he did get an award of excellence plaque in PE. Not surprising, as he played basketball since sixth grade and football from seventh through ninth. He also advanced to the state finals in the Hershey Track and Field competition, but chose to go fishing in Alaska with his dad instead.

Michael is a Lay leader and a youth elder at his church, about which he says, "My church is my second family."

Finally, there are the Centennial School's Citizenship Award, and the Guy Rolle Akin Citizenship Award, presented for demonstrating ongoing care and concern for his fellow man. "I just like helping people," Michael says.

What makes Michael Loveland a cool kid? Take yor pick.

Our Town Casper commends you, Michael. Thanks for giving of yourself.

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