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Around Our Town...Economic Development

01/01/2005 - Casper ranks eighth nationally in percentage of job growth as of December 6th 2004, according to an article in the American City's Business Journal. Casper's growth rate of 3.5% represents a net increase of 1200 non-agricultural jobs, placing the community in the very top tier of 266 labor markets studied.

The figures represent a September year-to-year comparison from 2003 to 2004. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics was the source of data used in the publication's analysis.

This is only the latest among a list of superlatives from business publications that consistently put Casper out front...

INC Magazine has ranked Casper number three in job growth for small metro areas.

"Its business services industries - in particular, financial services - made strong showings. Another sign that professional service sectors are declustering from traditional urban centers."

INC Magazine

March 2004

"Five-star community" - Quality of Life Quotient

Expamsion Management Magazine

June 2004

Forbes has singled out Casper as the #1 small metro area for cost of doing business.

Special Report

Best small places for business and careers


May 2004

Lowest tax burden among 101 U.S. Cities.

Kiplinger Personal Finance

July 2004

We asked Chris Manegold, President of the Casper Area Economic Development Alliance (CAEDA), what it all means. He said, "the thing to look at is the trend. The criteria for these various rankings change from year to year and some communities rise and fall in favor based on those changes. Casper is consistently appearing near the top in study after study. Forbes had us near the top 2 years running. The favorable regulatory and tax structure of both Casper and Wyoming should help this trend continue for years to come."

To stay on top of current economic development trends in Casper, contact:

Casper Area Economic Development Alliance, INC.

300 S. Wolcott, Suite 300, Casper, WY 82601

307-577-7011 800-634-5012

www.caeda.net info@caeda.net

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