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01/01/2005 - Some people like to write letters, others don't. Homer Lathrop was one of those who never wrote letters – until he met Virginia, that is. While in college, Homer wrote Virginia all the time. They had met at a "sort of college going away party". Homer asked Virginia for a date, and the rest is history – 63 years of history.

Born in Denver, Homer lived there till the ripe old age of ten days. He has resided in Casper for eighty-five years, and Virginia for seventy-five years. Her family moved here as a result of her father's work in the oil business when Virginia was a sophomore in high school.

Homer's living was "chasing cows" until he started Lathrop Equipment in1952. The business, still in the family, is currently run by their son, Gary.

Homer served in the state legislature for two years following after a legacy left by his grandfather, who was the third governor of the state of Wyoming.

Speaking of history, the first thirteen years of Homer and Virginia's marriage was spent in a cabin that was built before Casper existed. The Lathrop's have enjoyed years of fond memories including raising five children, riding horses together, and working alongside family on their ranch.

Homer and Virginia agree that the discovery of oil in the Salt Creek area has been the biggest change Casper has seen.

What do they like best about the city in which they lived before it even existed? "The fresh air and the people that greet you with a smile," says Homer.

Virginia likes the generosity of Casper's people and their great community spirit.

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