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12/01/2004 - Looking for a way to drop those extra holiday pounds – or avoid putting them on in the first place? Want to do it without missing out on the fun and fellowship the season brings? Casper boasts of more than one perfect solution to one of America's biggest health problems.

1)"Meet me at the roller rink!" Remember the days of sock hops and rocking around the clock at the roller rink? This family friendly pastime is far from out of style! Skating is a great aerobic workout for kids of all ages and it's low impact so your joints will be having as much fun as you.

2)When you think of champion figure skaters such as Michelle Kwan, Sarah Hughes, Timothy Goebel, or Johnny Wier, chances are you are not thinking, "I can do that." Well here's a bit of good news, for former wannabes: we absolutely can! Figure skating is a weight watcher's winter wonderland, building balance and coordination, while giving you an aerobic workout and a great time!

3)Are you vertically challenged? "Slope-ally" speaking, that is. If cruising down a hill on slippery skis isn't your cup of cocoa, you may want to check out another option, cross-country. Surrounded by the beauty of snow covered trees and the company of the ones you hold dear, it's a terrific way to exercise off that cocoa, and the turkey, and the pumpkin pie...well, you get the idea. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, give downhill a go. Either way, if you are looking for a fun winter sport, you can't go wrong on skis.

4)Here's a different kind of "turkey" that's sure to put you in the holiday spirit. In bowling, a turkey means you scored three strikes in a row, but whether you score one or just bowl like one, this activity is sure to have you laughing up a snowstorm. So grab someone you love, and let the good times roll.

In an era when obesity is at an all time high in children and adults alike, there's no better time than the season of eating to start taking its threat seriously. Linked to diabetes, asthma, cancer, cardio-vascular problems, and more, it simply must be stopped. So put good health at the top of your wish list this year and have a happy holiday season.

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