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12/01/2004 - "Every geologist dreams of going out on his own and becoming an independent geologist." Chuck Tenney, a long-time Casper area resident, saw that dream come true in the mid-sixties. During one of the oil busts when major companies like Sinclair, Shell, Gulf and Pan Am were pulling up stakes and taking many residents with them, Chuck and his wife Hally came to a crossroad.

"We'd put down roots here," Chuck said. They decided that the nice severance Chuck had received from Sinclair was just what they needed to pursue their dream. "The Lord's blessed us ever since."

Hally talks about how nice it was to see Casper grow up. Chuck agrees, "There were a lot of nice people here in the fifties, but so many were with oil that there wasn't much town loyalty. Everyone thought they were just here for a short time. Now there is more community spirit." He recalls how seeing the YMCA built helped Casper to feel more like a permanent place to live for many.

The couple first met at Itasca State Park in Minnesota. Hally was working there for a

5-week stint waiting tables at a restaurant in the park. Ironically, Chuck first met Hally's identical twin sister who was working with her. When he returned and met Hally, sparks flew and, 52 years later, they still do.

The Tenney's love story wasn't without bumps. Only a month after their wedding, Hally was diagnosed with polio. It was a scary time for the young couple but their faith and love saw them through. Chuck remembers teasing Hally's parents, "What? No 90-day warranty?"

They went on to raise 3 children -- Carol, Karen and Dave and now enjoy their five grandchildren –Rachel, Peter, Zack, Corey and Matt. "I like building stuff with 'papa'

and playing 'Go Fish' with grandma," Peter shares. Zack tells us "They love me to play cowboy", and Rachel enjoys spending time with them. "They love me" she says.

When asked what they like about Casper, Hally said, "There are the friendliest people here. I like the open spaces."

Chuck agrees. "The people are nice," he relates and, "it's great to see smaller businesses that have settled in here. There are a lot of innovative people here." Then he adds, "about the only downer is the wind."

Who in Casper can't relate to that?

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