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Around Our Town...Casper's Cool Kids

12/01/2004 - If you asked Virginia Moriarty of Casper what a hero looks like, her answer may not be what you'd expect. For her, it came in the form of Ryan, Kris and Cameron Kelly.

The three brothers passed by Mrs. Moriarty's home one day and saw the older widow raking leaves in her front yard. "She shouldn't have to do that alone", Ryan said. His brothers agreed. The three of them had the yard clean in no time but the only payment they would accept was her gratefulness. The boys continued to help Mrs. Moriarty from time to time.

Giving of themselves is the norm rather than the exception for these Casper natives. All three boys are active in their church, volunteering for the worship team, running the sound system, working in the children's ministry and helping at the church bookstore.

Kris went on a mission trip to Korea last summer where he worked at a youth camp, lead worship and participated in revival meetings.

All three boys are talented musicians. Ryan plays drums, Kris plays bass while Cameron sings and plays all types of guitars.

With their busy volunteer schedule you'd wonder how they manage school and work!

Ryan, who was homeschooled 1st through 12th grades, will receive his associate's degree in business administration from Casper College this year. He plans to earn his bachelor's through the UW program at Casper College or perhaps start his business career. He is the assistant manager of the Dairy Queen on 2nd St.

Kris and Cameron were homeschooled until two years ago when they began attending Restoration Church Academy. Kris is a shift manager at the Dairy Queen with Ryan. When he was younger the prospect of studying archeology was appealing, but now he is uncertain about his plans... "whatever the Lord has".

Cameron also works at Dairy Queen. He plans to contribute to a ministry as a worship leader.

Thanks, guys, for being "Cool Kids".

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