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11/01/2004 - Flint Bartosh

Every once in a while you come across a quiet, humble person you feel privileged to know. Flint Bartosh is such a person -- one of those unassuming individuals who

quietly gives of himself.

He donates a full day every two weeks to a local food ministry doing heavy lifting and deliveries. Flint had invested the time to become a trained disaster relief team member shortly before the flood that hit Kaycee. He was well prepared to contribute to the relief efforts there as they began the struggle to clean up and rebuild.

Flint served as lunch lugger for the World Changers last summer when they were in Casper to help paint and repair homes. He is active in his church, operates their audio-visual system and takes care of their lawn.

Flint enjoys hunting, karate, reading, and listening to music. He has a quick wit and a ready smile. Although he hasn't decided with certainty, Flint is considering becoming a firefighter or police officer. Casper appreciates you, Flint.

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