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Cool Kid

Growing and Learning Through Outdoor and Other Adventures - Braden Bosco

by Gayle M. Irwin "I want to be a soccer champion!" stated Braden Bosco. The seven-year-old began playing the sport last year while attending Fort Caspar Academy....more>

Around Our Town: Library Events

Weekly Events Tuesday, 10:30 a.m. - Launching Little Learners: Tiny Tots (babies & toddlers), Mills branch library Tuesday, 10:30 a....more>

Around Our Town: Wyoming Medical Center

About Advantage Orthopedics: When you're in pain, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Advantage Orthopedics focuses on getting you back to doing the activities you love....more>

Legally Speaking

Public Roads Create Risky Riding for ATV Drivers

In Wyoming, riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) has become very common both for work and for recreation....more>

Marriage and Family

Me and Myself

In the mental health world, there are two specific disorders that seem to be polar opposites of one another on the spectrum of how a person views his or herself....more>
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Cover Family

Strong Faith Strengthens Family and Their Community: The Brad & Jenny Kyle Family

They were junior high and high school sweethearts. "She's the only girl I dated," stated Brad Kyle....more>

Casper Critters

Prevent Your Pet from Getting Lost

by Gayle M. Irwin Every year stray cats and dogs come into shelters, local and nation-wide, and many times those animals don't get back home....more>

Gentle Virtues


On Casper Mountain, just after we pass a chipmunk dropping little pieces of pinecone from a tree, my family and I meet Eagle Scout Dylan Stupak from Troop 13 and his grandfather Michael Ward....more>

Around Our Town: Game and Fish

Game and Fish Commission Makes Commitment To Invest In Future of Mule Deer

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission voted to make significant investments in projects to benefit mule deer populations....more>

Family Finance

A Challenge for the Times Money and Memory Issues

The increasing prevalence of dementia diagnoses such as Alzheimer's disease is affecting more families in America....more>
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A Pirate's Tale -- Part XI

The Captain's legs felt like noodles and his eyes darted to and fro across the deck of the ship in search of rope....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part IX

Charlotte stood on the shore of the island watching as Crayford rowed away without so much as a farewell....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part VIII

Special thanks to one of our faithful reader, Rachel Tenney for her editorial comments and contributions....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part VII

Matthew strived to keep his eyes on Crayford, pausing only to defend himself as he wrestled his way through the tumultuous crowd with increasing difficulty as the battle raged around him....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part VI

From below deck, Charlotte could hear swords clashing, people yelling and heavy footsteps. She stood frozen in the middle of the cell, wanting to press herself against the bars and catch a glimpse of what was happening and pull back to take shelter in the corner at the same time....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part V

Special thanks to one of our faithful readers, Rachel Tenney, for her editorial comments and contributions....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part IV

Special thanks to one of our faithful readers, Rachel Tenney, for her editorial comments and contributions When Duke climbed back on deck, it was with resolve.He looked around at his crewmates with a steadfast decisiveness in his countenance that did not betray his nervous emotions....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part III

"Papa! Papa!" the young angel-like figure practically flew up the stairs of her father's ship, the Oceania....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part II

As Duke stood at the bow of the Silverado and looked out across the miles of water in every direction, his heart was in as much unrest as it had been the day he arrived and for the first time in eight years, he cried....more>

A Pirate's Tale

The usually welcome, comforting salt spray from the ocean did nothing for Duke Rogers today as he stood at the bow of the Silverado....more>
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