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Cover Family

Finding Fun and Passion with Family and Career: The Chris and Alicia Crispell Family

By Gayle M. Irwin "To us, Casper is like having the big city life with a hometown feel," said Alicia Crispell....more>

Gentle Virtues


When was the last time you came across a powerful statement? For me it was just the other day when I was reading How Champions Think in Sports and Life....more>

Marriage and Family

The Reality Is...

Imagine a perfect world, a world without any form of pain or suffering. Ice cream, cakes and cookies would provide major health benefits, and we would have no trouble staying away from the "bad for us" foods because they wouldn't taste very good anyway....more>
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Cool Kids

Love for a Sister Put into Action

by Neva Bodin "I just do it because I really love my sister," said Ayden Adsit. Twelve-year-old Ayden and ten-year-old Kason are four-year-old Emmersyn's big brothers....more>

Around Our Town: Meals On Wheels


By Neva Bodin "I was hungry once, now I don't ever have to worry about that," reads the thank you. That is thank you enough for nonprofit Natrona County Meals on Wheels (MOW) of Casper's Executive Director, Jamie Loveall, her staff of 16, and hundreds of volunteers....more>

Family Finances

Are You Financially Prepared to Raise an Athlete?

There's no denying that the cost of childhood athletics is expensive. And while you may not be raising an Olympic-caliber athlete, if your child is one of the 35 million kids between ages 5 and 18 who play an organized sport in the U....more>

Casper Critters

Arthritis in Pets

By Gayle M. Irwin Many people experience arthritis as they age. Pets may as well. My husband and I recently learned our 11-year-old cat Bailey has severe arthritis in her hips and spine....more>

Around Our Town... Education

Park Elementary School

Park Elementary, on the corner of West Ninth and South David, provides project-based learning for K-5....more>
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Business Spotlight

307 Orthodontics Helps Wyomingites Gain Confidence by Improving Their Smile

By Gayle M. Irwin Mother Teresa is quoted as saying, "We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do....more>

Around Our Town: Library Events

Calendar of Events September 2016 Thursday September 1 Casper Art Walk Pokémon GO Lure-a-Thon & Sidewalk Chalk Zentangle, 58 pm, Drop-In, Outside Near 2nd St....more>

Around Our Town: Game and Fish

Deer Hunting in the Casper Region

Throughout the Casper Region, mule deer populations have rebounded some over the past three years following long-term gradual decline since the 1990's....more>
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A Pirate's Tale -- Part XI

The Captain's legs felt like noodles and his eyes darted to and fro across the deck of the ship in search of rope....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part IX

Charlotte stood on the shore of the island watching as Crayford rowed away without so much as a farewell....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part VIII

Special thanks to one of our faithful reader, Rachel Tenney for her editorial comments and contributions....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part VII

Matthew strived to keep his eyes on Crayford, pausing only to defend himself as he wrestled his way through the tumultuous crowd with increasing difficulty as the battle raged around him....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part VI

From below deck, Charlotte could hear swords clashing, people yelling and heavy footsteps. She stood frozen in the middle of the cell, wanting to press herself against the bars and catch a glimpse of what was happening and pull back to take shelter in the corner at the same time....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part V

Special thanks to one of our faithful readers, Rachel Tenney, for her editorial comments and contributions....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part IV

Special thanks to one of our faithful readers, Rachel Tenney, for her editorial comments and contributions When Duke climbed back on deck, it was with resolve.He looked around at his crewmates with a steadfast decisiveness in his countenance that did not betray his nervous emotions....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part III

"Papa! Papa!" the young angel-like figure practically flew up the stairs of her father's ship, the Oceania....more>

A Pirate's Tale - Part II

As Duke stood at the bow of the Silverado and looked out across the miles of water in every direction, his heart was in as much unrest as it had been the day he arrived and for the first time in eight years, he cried....more>

A Pirate's Tale

The usually welcome, comforting salt spray from the ocean did nothing for Duke Rogers today as he stood at the bow of the Silverado....more>
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